Winter Programs

Take Control Of Your Winter Time &

Learn To Master Difficult Concepts/Subjects

Do you really need this course?

Yes, you do.

This is the best time to expand your capabilities and expertise at something you always wanted to.

Also, think about those surprised looks on the faces of your teachers and friends! 

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What sets MySchoolPage apart?

Be it Additional coaching to understand the basic Math principles or Advanced English coaching or to solve Coding(Java) level question. Our tutors have the expertise to ensure your child receives the necessary guidance to succeed.

Students can choose for customized packages where they can learn to solve concepts that aren’t clear to them, solve specific chapters or simply solve sample question papers for additional practice.

About The Courses

Course Name : Math Upgrade

Grade : 5th to 12th

Aims :

  • Tailored, grade-specific course syllabus
  • Revision and doubts clarification
  • Preview of upcoming concepts
  • Unique tips and tricks to solve math problems easily

No. of Sessions : 20

Course Name : English Advanced

Grade : 5th to 8th

Aims :

  • Improve Vocabulary
  • Explore various genres of writing
  •  Practice grammar
  •  Literature

No. of Sessions : 10

Course Name : Java

Grade : 5th to 9th

Aims :

  • All about Java
  • Concepts of Class and Objects
  • Variables and formatting
  • Operators, strings, data types
  • Platform independence

No. of Sessions : 25

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What technology requirements do I need to join in the live class?
All you need is a personal computer, a headset with microphone, camera and a stable wifi/internet connection.

2) How long will the online sessions be?
Each session is a 30-45 minutes class that will cover course syllabus, doubt clearing, problem solving, with regular subjective and objective tests.

3) Can I record the online session?
We are happy to let you know that we already do that for you. We’ll provide you access for all your classes forever.

4) How do I access/join the online classroom?
We’ll send you our access link and login credentials that will automatically let you join in to the class within seconds.