With summer just around the corner, NVIDIA has released one of the hottest new gadgets of the decade – the NVIDIA SHIELD. SchoolPage, the No. 1 online tutor and creator of the e-Tutoring System™ (STS), is proud to announce a contest through with participants can win a free NVIDIA SHIELD.

The SHIELD has been recognized as one of the premiere gaming devices of the decade as it combines a high-tech graphics screen and handheld, ergonomical controller into a portable console. Although it is just recently emerging, the device has received raving reviews from both critics and users, and its popularity is growing rapidly. By combining cutting-edge components and technologies, the SHIELD represents the intersection of mobile gaming and a variety of advanced features from its multi-touch LCD to its surprisingly powerful speakers.

SHIELD accommodates a variety of both PC and Android games. The device can stream over 100 of the most popular PC games on the go and integrate them easily with a TV or keyboard and mouse at home. With its sophisticated graphics, unique design, and classic controls, the SHIELD enables users to play Android games like never before.

Beyond its gaming appeal, the SHIELD provides all kinds of other entertainment for users. One can watch movies, videos, and television shows wherever you are, or connect them to your screen at home, and its crystal-clear speakers can play days of music on a single charge. Tapping into the market of mobile apps, SHIELD allows users to watch or listen to media using popular applications like Hulu, Pandora, Google Play, Netflix, Facebook and many more. You can learn all about the gadget here.

Until now, the SHIELD remains available only to customers in the United States. However, we here at MySchoolPage are giving our users the unique opportunity to get their hands on a SHIELD for free! The rules of the contest are simple: we are running a game in which you win points based on how many friends you can refer to MySchoolPage – the more you refer, and the more that sign up, the higher your score will be. Each month, the quickest scorers to 100 points will win a free NVIDIA SHIELD! Hurry! Available only until supplies last! The full details of the contest can be found on SchoolPage’s website. Make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to win a free NVIDIA SHIELD and be one of the first to own the gaming console in your country!

*Contest is open only to the residents of the Gulf countries in the GCC and South Asia. Residents of the Gulf Countries and India receive the Shield all incidentals paid, including duties, taxes and shipping. Residents of other countries are responsible to pay their own customs duties. MySchoolPage will pay for shipping only.

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