Why Us – MySchoolPage

Expert Tutors

We say, Expert, because we want to create ‘Experts’! We have excellent and exceptional teachers who are passionate and have an innovative approach to communicate with each child. All our teachers are driven towards a common goal of developing easy learning processes, create better outcomes and contribute towards a child’s performance.

Teachers at MySchoolPage guide the students through concepts and problem solving mechanism. This not only helps them to build their academic skills but develops an analytical way to approach at solutions.

Every tutor at SchoolPage:

  • Motivates the learner
  • Encourages interaction
  • Provides relevant feedback
  • Promotes conceptual learning
  • Provides support during the learning process

Customized Plans

Need-based Approach

In an educational institution, the focus on each child becomes challenging, and often, a child is unable to raise questions and clear doubts. However, in a personalised 1-to- 1 environment, this problem is negated. It not only creates a stronger connect between the teacher and the student, but the child is encouraged to ask questions.

We all know that every child is different and unique and so are their needs. At SchoolPage, this is the basic fundamental that drives our tutoring methodologies. Personalised and undivided attention is given to the child. A variety of learning strategies are included in online classes to suit the child’s needs.

Teaching Methodology

With a global academics team in place, we have created a unique MySchoolPage e-Tutoring System (STS), based on Richard E. Mayers’ ‘Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning’. This teaching methodology allows the teachers to follow a highly interactive teaching sessions and set objectives to give clear directions about the class. The STS is a highly structured academic system. Through the
use of a 9-stage lesson organizational structure, STS is used in every MySchoolPage session ensuring better engagement, superior retention and rapid results. STS includes the use of cognitive tools such as Mind Mapping, self-diagnosis tools such as Comfort Boxes, and Learning Outcomes that are highly student centric.

Shared Live Online Whiteboard

We have a shared live online whiteboard which is shared between the teacher and the student. The whiteboard brings in the essence of a classroom and is spontaneous and personalised for each child. Teacher and students are connected virtually and our technology experts ensure that the session is unperturbed during the course. The Whiteboard brings in a sense of inclusivity for the students sitting at the farthest corner of a country and gives an unbiased, undivided and a personal learning experience.

Session Replay

The need for continuous revision is unarguable and hence, our technology allows us to record every session and is available to the student to revise whenever needed. The recording is also used to review the quality of teaching and optimise it accordingly. The recordings can also be viewed by the parents to evaluate their child’s performance and also the quality of teaching being conducted.

Personal Attention

At SchoolPage, we teach individual students according to their abilities, interests, motivations and learning styles. Our online teaching offers one-to-one adaptive methods, personalised interactive learning and high-quality tutoring.

Innovation is brought into the teaching style based on how the learner perceives and processes information, and responds to the learning environment. Frequent assessment is done by the tutors to gauge the understanding of the students. Regular interactions with parents are made to ensure the desired outcome.

Self-check questions, exercises and regular feedback is given to the child so that they can evaluate their performances and take corrective action as and when required. Our online learning involves the use of memory, motivation, metacognition and thinking.


A continuous feedback and reporting mechanism is in place which helps the parents to know their child’s performance and understanding of the concepts. It helps students and parents to analyse the areas where the student needs to improve and take corrective measures and actions before the student appears for the academic exams.