Why Students Need to Practice a Self-Assessment Based Learning Process

Understanding how and what to learn is the key to academic success. Traditionally, students were and still are, tested on their academic knowledge through class tests, mid-term tests, half-year tests, final exams, and other predefined test modules. This evaluation process grades each student depending on their performance on the different tests.

In reality, almost all students have the capacity to learn and gain a lot of knowledge on the subject being taught at schools. But, they struggle hard to express it in written words during an examination. This is the main reason why we have poor, average and good scorers in every classroom. If students are given enough opportunity to evaluate and revise their learned concepts, they can all score good marks in their exams.

That’s why MySchoolPage, the best online tuition provider, rightly believes in the idea of self-assessment. When students start accessing their subject knowledge & answering methodology, they will greatly understand where they are going wrong and start improving at once.

MySchoolPage has developed an online self-evaluation portal for students to help them assess their subject knowledge all by themselves. This MyQrate Online Test platform will give students a complete evaluation report at the end of the text, thereby making them realize their learning gaps. This will help them learn the concepts thoroughly before appearing for any examination.

Here are a few ways how this self-evaluation process can help students perform well in their exams:


Identify their own learning gaps

A dedicated online self-evaluation portal for students will allow them to understand their stronger and weaker learning areas. Online tests, like MyQrate self-evaluation quiz, will provide students with a detailed evaluation report that can be used to understand one’s learning progress.

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Students can easily assess their “Yaay…I am right!” and “No, I don’t understand” moments through this self-evaluation test. This will encourage them to relearn what has been misunderstood or forgotten at the face of a test.

Students, who self-assess their learned skills, get an edge over others when it comes to exams. This is because they would already have known their weaker points and learned to overcome the same.


Follow a student-centred learning process

Traditional learning has always been modelled for group learning needs. How would a student get his/her individual learning difficulties addressed in a group learning environment? It becomes an increasingly difficult task to expect personal learning attention in a classroom setting. But, self-assessment gives a good start towards personalized learning.

Online tests, like MyQrate self-evaluation quiz, allows students to focus their attention on the required topics alone, rather than relearning the entire lesson at once. Different students will have different learning difficulties and this individual learning needs can easily be identified by practising self-evaluation.


Track their progress at anytime

When students start testing the authenticity of their learned knowledge, they eventually start tracking their progress over time. A concept that was naive for them today would have turned into a thoroughly mastered one after a self-assessment MyQrate test. Over time, students will improve their mastery of the subject and easily backtrack their learning progress.

By collecting, evaluating, and backtracking the progress reports any student can easily understand their learning growth and structure their academic goals more efficiently. This will, in turn, boost their organisational and analytical skills.


Promote feedforward-based learning

Most feedback systems, followed at present, are biased by the academic grading system and focus on the past mistakes of the students, rather than on what can be done to improve the present learning scenario. Self-assessment allows students to follow a Feedforward method, where students can focus on continuous improvement and learn more efficiently.

Feedforward learning involves, working on continuous improvement throughout the learning process. MySchoolPage encourages each student to work with a dedicated personal tutor, and through this practice, we make personalisation of lessons and continuous improvement highly possible.

MyQrate test will give evaluation reports to students, then and there, encouraging them to learn continuously from their mistakes. This given them a chance to improve their academic grades at once!


Instil a sense of purpose among students

Even some of those good performers at school are unaware of the purpose and reason behind their learning process. Their end goal, in most cases, seems to be just scoring good or passing the grade without much difficulty. Most students don’t aim for career progression but only look at short-term returns, in this case, good exam grades.

Self-assessment allows students to understand their progress and the need to improve. This will help them see past their short-term academic needs, and focus on developing a clear vision towards their academic and professional progress. Having a sense of purpose is the long-term motivator for students to transform into successful working professionals.

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