Want your child to speak fluently in English? Here’s how to be prepared

Almost every parent in the world wants his or her child to be fluent and well-versed in English first and then consider any other language. Reasons? Well, it is the dominant language in business and it is spoken or understood by roughly 2 billion (27%) people in the world. Also, 50 percent of general information on internet is available in English.English is indeed important!

That being said, how can parents make their child fluent in English?

To make your child communicate exactly like a native english speaker, is not easy when it is not the first language. Does that mean your child will never speak english fluently?

That isn’t correct either! Examples of people gaining fluency in multiple language abound and ‘No’, we are not talking about professional linguists. Children, if taught properly, can acquire a sound grasp of any language, regardless of their age.

Preparation is the key!

If you are looking to make a breakthrough with your child’s english learning ability, a lot of preparation will be required on your end.

How to be prepared?

First, convince yourself

“There is one common problem here!”

A lot of parents give up in the middle of the training the child, mainly because the process can get overbearing sometimes.

Kids shun things down if they think you are trying to force something study-related on them. Always remember that you are not going to see results overnight.

Therefore, the first step before you go ahead with the training is, to convince yourself to stay focused.

Second, include English in your routine

“The understanding of the world is trapped in language!”

How we interpret or perceive the things around us, comes from our vocabulary. When you learn in more than one language, your knowledge of vocabulary increases, which widens your perception.

The best way to teach your child a new language is by using it as much as possible.

How can you do that?

  1. Books – Get story books, graphic novels, comics, and interesting books of all sorts
  2. Games – Plan role playing games where you can pick characters from any english play and try to converse like them
  3. Songs – Sing english songs or play them
  4. Speak – Prepare yourself to converse strictly in english with your child
  5. Watch – Find videos that you can sit and watch with your child every now and then

Engage regularly with your child, following the above five points. Practice makes perfect, but only when done regularly.

Third, expose them to English

You speak your native language flawlessly because you are surrounded by it. Same goes for other languages.

English can be learnt best through natural conversation.If your child finds most of the things around, conveyed in english, s/he will easily get acquainted with it.

You can:

  • Converse with others in english when your child is around
  • Label different things in your home in english
  • Find UK radio stations for children and leave them playing in the background
  • Browse and install some english-learning apps for children

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