Grade 10 Physics – Spherical Mirrors, Reflection & Refraction Theories

A mirror is a surface which reflects a clear image.

Images can be of two types: Real image and Virtual image.

An image which can be formed on the screen is known as real image and the one which cannot be formed on screen is known as a virtual image. These images are formed when light falls on a mirror from the object and is reflected back by the mirror on the screen.

There can be two types of mirrors: Curved mirror and plane mirror.

If a curved mirror is a part of a sphere then it is known as a spherical mirror. The image formed by a plane mirror is always a virtual image as it cannot be obtained on a screen. The image formed by the spherical mirror can be either real or virtual.

Spherical mirrors are of two types:

  • Convex mirrors
  • Concave mirrors


Convex Mirror – Convex mirror implies the mirror whose reflecting surface is away from the centre of curvature.

Concave Mirror – Concave mirror refers to the mirror whose reflecting surface is towards the centre of curvature.

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