US Elections – Democratic Debate

The United States of America is all geared to go to elections for the posts of the President as well as the Vice President of the nation. An election in any part of the world is a matter of great importance – not just for the country conducting it, but also the other nations around the world. Moreover, when it comes to the United States, the very founders of modern democracy, it becomes all the more crucial.

In US, the two important political parties are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. What makes the election process different in US is the fact that members of the same party compete with each other in order to be nominated as the Party’s presidential candidate. Usually this is done in the form of public debates, where the American citizens get to see the matters that are of great concern / priority for their political leaders. Thus unlike the elections in India, where many party lack internal democracy, American political parties are internally more democratic.

The elections that are scheduled on 8th of November 2016, will be conducted on the lines of First Past the Post (FPTP). FPTP is based on the system that the candidate with majority vote wins the election. It is due its simplicity that many countries around the world have adopted FPTP as their electoral method. Apart from being a simple process, FPTP is light on the purse of the administration and also less time consuming.

Another feature that makes the US elections democratic is the fact that it believes in giving equal chance and equal representation to all its citizens. In order to attain this, the US constitution denies a third term for the President. This way the post of the President of one of the super-powers in the world is saved from hegemony and sycophancy.

Some of the candidates running for the upcoming elections are Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Larry Lessing among others from the Democratic Party. While the Republican Party has leaders like Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Donald Trump fighting it out for the coveted post. Each one of these candidates come from different areas of service and bring with them immense experience as well as passion to reach out to each American citizen. Not only do the citizens get to know the political ideology of the Parties, but they also know the candidates area of expertise and leadership quality in a detailed manner. This way they can be sure that the candidates that they elect will fulfill their aspirations and make American society a much better place to live in.

US elections are watched closely by the world, because based on the party and the candidate elected the tone for a number of international issues will be set. For e.g. on issues like Climate Change, Nuclear Disarmament, Fighting Terrorism, World Bank, UN and WTO functioning. This is why this election becomes even more important.

As mentioned before, America is one of those nations where individual talent is credited over dynastic backgrounds. This way they have succeeded in taking democracy to the grass root level. Perhaps this is one point where India, in spite of being the largest democracy in the world, lags behind. We surely need to learn from America that democracy can become meaningful, only when every individual gets a fair chance in the political process and where individual talent is valued over dynastic ties.

Until then, it is time to see how the elections will unfold in the Unites States of America!

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