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Why Teach With Us?

Earn really well

Take home a surprisingly good amount, which can grow each month. Also, partake in performance appraisals and other organizational incentive policies.

Gain new skills

Adapt to future, by shifting from “teaching with blackboard and chalk at a tuition center or home” to “online tutoring with computers and digital writing pads”.

Get support

Get readily available content, tests and tools to personalize teaching for specific Student. This will give you an advantage in helping your students succeed.

Gain recognition

Contribute through MySchoolPage, get appreciated by students and parents across the globe, and stand-out among peers!


The Selection Process

Take Screening Test

Interview & Online Demo

Come Onboard & Teach Many

Get in touch with us if you:

Want to be a part/full-time tutor

Have a significant experience in teaching

Are willing to dedicate at least ten hours a week

Are a dedicated and passionate teacher

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