Top 6 Tips for Parents Looking to Help Kids during Exam Season

With exams around the corner, daily schedules tend to take a backseat and the sole focus for children and parents becomes study or exam preparation. This is highly stressful for children, particularly if they face extra pressure because of lack of preparation, peer competition, high expectations or low motivation.

As a parent, you need to help kids during exam time and provide them with the support they need if you want them to do well. Helping children learn how to prioritize for themselves and form good study and learning habits is essential to their success, but make sure you aren’t being too pushy.

Here’s how you can help your child manage exam schedules and study time without raising anxiety and stress levels:

  1. Create the Ideal Study Space – Children need a study area that’s neat, comfortable and organized, to help them concentrate and stimulate their minds. Ensure their study space is well-equipped but as minimalistic as possible, since cluttered spaces are distracting and tend to inhibit focus and productivity. Even temperature and lighting play a big role in providing a child with the ideal environment for study sessions!
  2. Limit Their Screen or Phone Time – TV, social media and video games are a huge distraction and take up a lot of productive study time. To ensure uninterrupted study, you may need to limit screen time during exam preparations, allowing children to check their phones and watch TV only during breaks. You can help kids during exam time by simply putting their phones on silent or keeping them in a different area.
  3. Help Them Find Their Learning Style – Every child is unique and learns best through different mediums. Some absorb information through visual representation while others do better while listening to notes or repeating them out loud. Help your child identify what works best for them, and create a study schedule that allows them to use their own learning style, pace and preferences to prepare for exams.
  4. Encourage Regular Physical Exercise – Mental fatigue can affect your child’s ability to concentrate and retain information. Physical stimulus is just as important as nutrition and rest for beating exam stress and anxiety, since it keeps their blood flowing and brains sharp. Exercise also boosts learning, retention and recall, so make sure your child takes out time for sports and other athletics during exam preparation.
  5. Set Up a Fixed Daily Routine – Your child might start pulling all-nighters to cram before a test, but lack of rest will not help kids during exams. Maintaining a balanced routine is crucial, so draw up a study timetable that includes sleep, meals and downtime. Proper rest and nutrition will help your child gear up for productive study time, so help them stick to the schedule by monitoring their routine during exam preparation.
  6. Provide Them the Right Tools – Helping your child manage exam schedules, study effectively and cope with exam stress is no small task, especially if they lack motivation or need extra help that you cannot provide on your own. Make sure they have access to the right learning tools and resources, such as study guides, practice tests, and online tutoring for difficult subjects your child struggles with.

Parents support during exam time helps children maintain a well-balanced and comprehensive study schedule, and also builds a strong foundation for lifelong learning. At MySchoolPage, our customized lesson plans and tutoring sessions can help students with exam preparation, as well as organizing study time and work schedules more effectively.

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  1. My daughter is 8 yrs old n she is having problem in reading and writing, some times she do well but the other time it seems like she don’t know even alphabets what should I do plz suggest me . I am much worried for her.

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