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Exercise 1

1.    Define the term “tissue”.

2.    How many types of elements together make up the xylem tissue? Name them.

3.    How are simple tissues different from complex tissues in plants?

4.    Differentiate between parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma on the basis of their cell wall.

5.    What are the functions of the stomata?

6.    Diagrammatically show the difference between the three types of muscle fibres.

7.    What is the specific function of the cardiac muscle?

8.    Differentiate between striated, unstriated and cardiac muscles on the basis of their structure and site/location in the body.

9.    Draw a labelled diagram of a neuron.

10.  Name the following.

(a) Tissue that forms the inner lining of our mouth.

(b) Tissue that connects muscle to bone in humans.

(c) Tissue that transports food in plants.

(d) Tissue that stores fat in our body.

(e) Connective tissue with a fluid matrix.

(f) Tissue present in the brain.

11.   Identify the type of tissue in the following: skin, bark of tree, bone, lining of kidney tubule, vascular bundle.

12.  Name the regions in which parenchyma tissue is present.

13.  What is the role of epidermis in plants?

14.  How does the cork act as a protective tissue?

15.  Complete the table:

Exercise 2

16.  What is the tissue?

17.  What is the utility to tissues in multi-cellular organisms?

Exercise 3

18.  Name types of simple tissues.

19.  Where is apical meristem found?

20.  Which tissue makes up the husk of coconut?

21.  What are the constitutes of pholem?

Exercise 4

22.  Name the tissue responsible for movement in our body.

23.  What does a neuron look like?

24.  Give three features of cardiac muscles.

25.  What are the functions of areolar tissue?

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