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Crop Production and Management

Exercise 1

1.    Select the correct word from the following list and fill the blanks.

float, water, crop, nutrients, preparation

(a) The same kind of plants grown and cultivated on a large scale at a place is called _____.

(b) The first step before growing crop is ______ of soil.

(c) Damaged seeds would ______  on top of water.

(d) For growing crop, sufficient sunlight and and ______  and from the soil are

2.    Match items in column A with those in column B.

A                                          B

(i) Kharif crop                      (a) Food for cattle

(ii) Rabi crops                      (b) Urea and super phosphate

(iii) Chemical fertilsers      (c) Animal excreta, cow dung, urine and Plant wastes.

(iv) Organic manure           (d) Wheat, gram, pea

  (e) Paddy and maize.

3.    Give two examples of each.

(a) Kharif crop

(b) Rabi crop

4.   Write a paragraph in your own words on each of the following.

(a) Preparation of soil

(b) Sowing

(c) Weeding

(d) Threshing

5.    Explain how fertilsers are different from manure.

6.    What is irrigation? Describe two methods of irrigation which conserve water.

7.    If wheat is sown in the Kharif season. What would happen? Discuss.

8.    Explain how soil gets affected by the continuous plantation of corp in a field.

9.    What are weeds? How can we control them?

10.  Arrange the following boxes in proper order to make a flow chart of sugarcane crop production.

11.   Complete the following words puzzle with the help of clues given below.


1.  Providing water to the crops.

2.  Keeping crop grains for a long time under proper conditions.

5.  Certain plants of the same kind grown on a large scale.


3.  A machine used for cutting the matured crop.

4.  A rabi crop that is also one of the pulses.

6.  A process of separating the grain from chaff.

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