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Coal and Petroleum

Exercise 1

1.    What are the advantages of using CNG and LPG as fuels?

2.    Name the petroleum products used for surfacing of roads?

3.    Describe how coal is formed from dead vegetation. What is this process called?

4.    Fill in the blanks.

(a) Fossil fuels are _____, _______, and ______.

(b) Process of separation of different constituents from petroleum is called _____.

(c) Least polluting fuel for vehicle is _____.

5.    Tick true/False against the following statements.

(a) Fossils fuels can made in laboratory. (T/F)

(b) CNG is more polluting fuel than petrol. (T/F)

(c) Coke is almost pure form of carbon. (T/F)

(d) Coal tar is a mixture of various substances. (T/F)

(e) Kerosene is not a fossil fuel. (T/F)

6.   Explain why fossil fuels are exhaustible natural resources.

7.    Describe characteristics and uses of coke.

8.   Explain the process of formation of petroleum.

9.   The following table shows the total power shortage in India from 1991-1997. Show the data in the form of a graph. Plot shortage percentage for the years on the Y-axis and the year on the X-axis.

S.No      Year       Shortage (%)

1              1991       7.9

2              1992       7.3

3              1993       8.3

4              1994       7.4

5              1995       7.1

6              1996       9.2

7              1997        11.5

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