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Transportation in Animals and Plants

1.     Math the structures given in Column I with functions given in Column II.

Column I              Column II

(i) Stoamta          (a) Absorption of water

(ii) Xylem             (b) Transportation

(iii) Root hairs    (c) Transport of food

(iv) Pholem         (d) Transport of water

(e) Synthesis of carbohydrates.

2.    Fill in the blanks.

(i) The blood from the heart is transported to all parts of the body by the ———.

(ii) Hemoglobin is present in ———- cell.

(iii) Arteries and Venis are joined by a network of ———–.

(iv) The rhythmic expansion and contraction of the heart is called ———–.

(v) The main excretory product in human beings is ————-.

(vi) Sweat contains water and ————-.

(vii) Kidney eliminates the waste materials in the liquid form called ——–.

(viii) Water reaches great heights in the trees because of suction pull caused by ——-.

3.    Choose the correct options:

(a) In plants, water is transported through

(i) Xylem              (ii) Pholem

(iii) Stomata        (iv) Root hair

(b) Water absorption through roots can be increased by keeping the plants

(i) In the shade

(ii) In dim light.

(iii) under the fan

(iv) Covered with a polythene bag.

4.    Why is transport of materials necessary in plant or in an animal? Explain.

5.    What will happen if there are not platelets in the blood?

6.    What are stomata? Give two functions of stomata.

7.    Does transpiration serve any useful function in the plants? Explain.

8.    What are the components of blood?

9.    Why blood needed by all the parts of a body?

10.  What makes the blood look red?

11.   Describe the functions of the heart.

12.   Why is it necessary to excrete waste products?

13.   Draw a diagram of the human excretory system and label the various parts.

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