1.    (a) Mainly the abdomen and back of the sheep have wool.

(b) White fleece refers to the white hair of lamb that is used to make wool.

2.    (i) Caterpillar.

3.    (iv) Wooly dog.

4.    (i) Rearing: the bringing up and looking after the sheep is called rearing.

(ii) Shearing: To obtain wool, the fleece of the sheep along with the thin layer of skin is removed from its body. This process is called shearing.

(iii) Sericulture: The rearing of silkworms for obtaining silk is called sericulture.

5.    Shearing, Sourcing, sorting, reeling, dying.


7.    Sericulture and Moriculture.

8.    1.   (e)    2.   (c)     3.     (b)    4.      (a)