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NCERT Grade 10-Management of Natural Resources-Questions

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science

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Management of Natural Resources

Exercise 1

1.     What changes would you suggest in your home in order to be environment-friendly?

2.    Can you suggest some changes in your school which would make it environment friendly?

3.     We saw in this chapter that there are four main stakeholders when it comes to forests and wildlife. Which among these should have the authority to decide the management of forest produces? Why do you think so?

4.     How can you as an individual contribute or make a difference to the management of (a) forests and wildlife, (b) water resources and (c) coal and petroleum?

5.    What can you as an individual do to reduce your consumption of the various natural resources?

6.    List five things you have done over the last one week to-

(a) Conserve our natural resources.

(b) Increase the pressure on our natural resources.

7.    On the basis of the issues raised in this chapter, what changes would you incorporate in your lifestyle in a move towards a sustainable use of our resources?

Exercise 2

8.    What changes can you make in your habits to become more environment-friendly?

9.    What would be the advantage of exploiting resources with short-term aims?

10.  How would these advantages differ from the advantages of using a long-term
prospective in managing our resources?

11.   Why do you think there should be equitable distribution of resources? What forces
would be working against an equitable distribution of our resources?

Exercise 3

12.   Why should we conserve forests and wildlife?

13.   Suggests some approaches towards the conservation of forests.

Exercise 4

14.   Find out about the traditional systems of water harvesting/management in your region.

15.   Compare the above system with the probable systems in hilly/mountainous areas or plains or plateau regions.

16.   Find out the source of water in your region/locality. Is water from this source available to all people living in that area?

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