Solved NCERT Questions for Grade - 10

Chemical Reactions and Equations

Acids Bases and Salts

Metals and Non-metals

Carbon and its Compounds

Periodic Classification of Elements

Life Processes

Control and Coordination

How do Organisms Reproduce

Heredity and Evolution

Light Reflection and Refraction

Human Eye and Colourful World


Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Sources of Energy

Our Environment

Management of Natural Resources

Solved NCERT Questions for Grade - 9

Matter in Our Surrounding

Is Matter around Us Pure

Atoms and Molecules

Structure of the Atoms

The Fundamental Unit of Life


Diversity in Living Organisms


Forces and Laws of Motion


Work and Energy


Why Do We Fall ill

Natural Resources

Improvement in Food Resources

Solved NCERT Questions for Grade - 8

Crop Production and Management

Microorganisms Friend and Foe

Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

Materials Metals and Non-Metals

Coal and Petroleum

Combustion and Flame

Conservation of Plants and Animals

Cell Structure and Functions

Reproduction in Animals

Reaching the Age of Adolescence

Force and Pressure



Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Some Natural Phenomena


Stars and the Solar System

Pollution of Air and Water

Solved NCERT Questions for Grade - 7

Nutrition in Plants

Nutrition in Animals

Fibre to Fabric

Solutions Heat

Acids, Bases and Slats

Weather Climate and Adaptations of Animals

Physical and Chemical Changes

Winds Storms and Cyclones


Respiration in Organisms

Transportation in Animals and Plants

Reproduction in Plants

Motion and Time

Electric Current and its Effects




Wastewater Story