Don’t Let a Poor School Start Ruin Your End of the Year Academic Grades


Schools play an important role in educating children. Their good examination grades and excellent academic profile ensure a safe passage into higher education and eventually to a successful professional life. This enforces students to practice solutions in different subjects and learn harder for acquiring better grades.

Now with the emphasis on rapid academic development, the teachers try and complete their curriculum at a faster rate. Most students are taken by the wind and memorise the curriculum, without understanding the sole purpose of learning.

Of course, they might get good results, but the soundness of their learned skills is still questionable.

Some kids fall behind in their academics during the start of the school year. Many factors, like falling sick, general learning difficulty, attention deficit issues, not getting enough homework help, and even environmental factors lead to students falling behind in their academics. Falling behind during the start will affect their academics throughout the year.

Parents also get significantly stressed over their kids lagging academic performance and this might affect the child’s personal development or induce low self-esteem in their minds.

Its high time that we take this issue under serious consideration and find ways to help them learn more effectively.


Each Kid is Unique, and so are Their Troubles!

Every student who lags behind in their academics can’t be treated equally. They might require individual attention from private online tutors depending on their learning difficulties and requirements.

Unfortunately, most educational institutes and schools do not have this bandwidth or the resource to consider the learning difficulties of each student, like we do in MySchoolPage.

Moreover, it’s practically impossible for teachers at school to give their undivided attention to one student alone in a class of many. This makes it increasingly difficult for them to learn and might also affect their confidence levels, while other students get way ahead of them in academics. It’s important to understand their learning requirements to help them improve their grades.

One good way to address this trouble is by hiring a personalized online tutor for every kid. Unlike the regular school tutors, personalized online tutors have only one student to guide and give their undivided attention to that particular student. That’s why online tutors at MySchoolPage get the bandwidth to design a unique study plan and follow different online tutoring methods for each of our students.


Go for a Student Requirement Analysis

The tutor must clearly understand the learning difficulties faced by the student before they can start with their tutoring sessions. MySchoolPage always conducts a student requirement analysis by interacting directly with the student, their parent and MySchoolPage’s online tutor to classify every students’ individual needs.

The tutor must also look up at the previous and present academic records of the student and get to understand their academic behaviour. Previous year questions, math & science solutions and more will be analyzed. Sometimes other external factors, like inadequate study time, undesirable home environments, and more factors affecting their academic performance will also be analyzed.

MySchoolPage will also try to find these external factors and help the parents in understanding the reason behind their kids’ poor academic results. Only after the student’s learning needs are classified, the lesson plan and the tutoring session timetable will be put down.


Building an effective study plan is the key

Once the requirements are classified, a customized lesson plan is developed for each student. This lesson plan will be built by academic experts at MySchoolPage by considering the student’s learning pace and academic requirement. The various topics under the syllabus that the student finds difficult to grasp must be given special attention by the tutor.

Other NCERT solutions for CBSE students, ICSE previous year questions, Cambridge, IGCSE, and other curriculum learning resources will be shared with the student for better practice and boost their confidence level.

This online personalized tutoring must also involve continuous assessment, where the students are tested regularly, and their progress is recorded. The feedback reports will come in handy to analyse the performance of the students and to overcome the learning problems faced by them.

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