How Does Parental Involvement in Studies Help a Child’s Education?

It’s no secret that children look up to and learn from their parents, especially during their younger years. As kids get older, however, it’s common for parents to become less involved in schoolwork and academic learning. This needs to change, since successful parent involvement can have a huge impact on a student’s academic performance.

Factors Affecting Parental Involvement in Studies

While there are many different reasons for lack of successful parent involvement at school, some common ones include:

  • Teachers may believe that a student’s family isn’t interested or doesn’t want to be involved in their academic life.
  • Many parents simply don’t understand how to engage with their child’s teachers, school and peers, even if they want to.
  • Some parents lack the time or energy to actively take part in school activities or become involved in school and education.
  • In some cases, parents feel unwelcome because of language or educational barriers, poor experiences in the past, etc.

Parent-School Relationships: Benefit of Involvement in Kids Studies

As a parent, here’s how being involved in education and learning can help:

  • You
    • Improved discussion and interaction with kids
    • Higher sensitivity and responsiveness to their needs
    • More confidence in decision-making and parental skills
    • Greater use of positive reinforcement and affection
    • Stronger commitment to child development, learning and success
    • Easier interaction with teachers, principals and children’s school
    • Deeper understanding of educational policies and school curriculum
    • Better awareness of when and how to help kids study at home
    • Increased involvement in policy making and academic decisions
  • Your Child
    • Higher achievement levels, grades and test scores
    • Better chances of enrollment in advanced programs
    • Increased graduation and post-graduation rates
    • Consistent attendance and homework completion
    • More self-esteem, self-discipline and motivation
    • Greater comfort in discussing goals and issues with parents
    • Fewer disciplinary problems, better social skills and behavior
    • Smoother transitions and less chances of dropping out
    • Lower likelihood of needing remedial or special classes
    • Easier adjustment to school life, environment and culture
  • Teachers
    • Parents and communities have higher opinions of educators and schools
    • Increased confidence, morale, motivation and job satisfaction
    • Greater understanding of diversity, family cultures and backgrounds
    • Mutual respect and support between teachers and parents increases
    • More understanding of parents’ schedules, commitment and abilities
    • Higher parent engagement and discussion levels, better communication

Overall Effects of Parents Involvement on Students

People used to think that socioeconomic status, ethnic or cultural background and family income were the main factors affecting the chances of a child’s academic success. However, it’s now commonly understood that parental involvement in studies is one of the most important aspects of achievement and learning.

Parents and schools alike believe that greater parental involvement in studies can positively influence children and help them learn better. According to research on parent-school relationships conducted in 2003:

  • 65% of teachers feel that parent involvement in education can help improve student achievement
  • 72% of parents think that lack of family involvement has a negative effect on academic success

When parents, teachers and communities support each other and work together as a whole, everyone benefits. Of course, the positive effects on students are the most crucial part of parental involvement in studies, and there’s no question about its effectiveness. Not only do kids with involved parents do better in school, but they also enjoy learning more.

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