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We all learn, but differently!

The classrooms have evolved drastically in recent years. Teaching methods, technology, subject choices and assessment metrics have all Transformed education for the students of today. But one thing remains constant: Learning has always been enhanced by personal one-to-one support. It is a belief that the students who receive personal tutoring, perform better than those who don't. MySchoolPage’s strength is its core focus on this individual LIVE 1-to-1 online teaching and STS: MySchoolPage e-Tutoring System. This ensures a student gets the entire attention of a dedicated tutor and learns at their own individual pace and taught in a structured manner making it an exciting learning experience.

There were always restrictions of finding a tutor in neighbourhood who is skilled and also available at our convenience. But MySchoolPage is proud to say that Geography and Time isn’t a constraint anymore! MySchoolPage breaks the shackles of time and place, liberating learning and teaching from the limits of time and location. Hence MySchoolPage promises to provide Individual education LIVE from the comfort of one’s home!

There's More!!

At MySchoolPage along with Academicians you’ll find Sales, Marketing, Operations, Technical Support, Accountants and HR stream professionals working hand-in-hand to support the primary vision of sharing knowledge.

Whether you are a college graduate or an experienced professional in one of above fields, we have positions for you, as we are Growing!!

If you want to be part of something amazing and help create a better future—we have an opening for that!

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We are bringing a Revolution in Education Space!

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Top 5 Benefits of joining MySchoolPage
  • A great place to fast track your ideas and execute
  • Get quickly recognised as a key contributor
  • Exposure to new technologies and processes
  • Opportunities to understand and explore other key functions
  • Open door policy


Naga Karthik

I began working at MySchoolPage in February 2015. MySchoolPage has given me a great start to my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging assignments. I have had the opportunity to use and build on my skills from day one whilst working with a friendly and focused team. The biggest advantage to any graduate starting at MySchoolPage is the exposure and variety of work in an organised team orientated environment. If you are ready for a challenge and hoping to gain exposure to a diverse range of projects, then MySchoolPage is a great choice to begin your career.

Shikha Pathak

From day one, I knew MySchoolPage was where I wanted to be. I was very impressed with the people I met during the interview process, and my respect for the MySchoolPage team has increased over time. The opportunity to make a difference each day and contribute to the overall success of the company is deeply rewarding. The people I get to work with are the most enjoyable part of my position. We have a diverse team with a wealth of experience and subject matter expertise. My position affords me every opportunity to learn and grow professionally. It's truly the best company I've had the opportunity to be a part of, and I look forward to many years at MySchoolPage


We are a Skilled team having Customer focus and Humble approach with an Open mind, encouraging Outstanding teamwork and getting a Learning opportunity for a
Passionate and Appreciative Growth Experience

Our small team is growing fast. We would love your help in making MySchoolPage truly special.

Come join us!