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Our Approach

While there are large numbers of great teachers available throughout the world, great teaching and great tutoring are very different in many ways and require very different approaches. There are also many differences between classroom teaching and off-school tutoring methodologies. With this in mind, the MySchoolPage team worked with other global academics to create the unique MySchoolPage e-Tutoring System (the STS), which is based on Richard E. Mayer’s ‘Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning’. The STS is a highly structured academic system. Through the use of a 9-stage lesson organizational structure, STS is used in every MySchoolPage session ensuring better engagement, superior retention and rapid results. STS includes the use of cognitive tools such as Mind Mapping, self-diagnosis tools such as Comfort Boxes, and Learning Outcomes that are highly student centric.

MySchoolPageTM is the outcome of a long quest to combine the latest in pedagogy, through its unique e-Tutoring (STS) methodology, with the best in technology, which makes it available to students from all over the world.

Furthermore, the structured approach is developed on the philosophy that every child needs customized attention for optimal development. This is strongly supported by research. Benjamin Bloom, a prominent educational psychologist, observed “a tutored student with individualized attention was above 98% of the students in conventional tutoring (or mass tutoring)” (findings initially reported in 1984 in the journal “Educational Researcher”).

Founded in 2012, MySchoolPage is poised to evolutionize the nascent industry, delivering online education to the K-12 educational segment, through its unique e-Tuition.

The Founder team and Core Management:


Co-founder & Managing Director, Dana Jandhyala, Dana started her career in financial services and has subsequently taken teaching roles at Montessori schools in USA. From 2003, she has taken part-time teaching roles in Kuwait and then in Bahrain. Since 2007, she has been providing tutorials to regular & special needs children. Her experience gives her a unique perspective on both tailoring content and delivering it to children with differing capabilities.
Academic Advisor, Shankar Srinivas, BSc, MA, MPhil & PhD in Developmental Genetics from Columbia University, USA. Currently, Professor of Developmental Biology and Welcome Trust Senior Investigator at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics at the University of Oxford, as well as the Zeitlyn Fellow and Tutor in Medicine at Jesus College. His group conducts research on early embryogenesis. He advises SP in designing and delivering the latest content in biological sciences in easy to understand language to increase the students’ understanding and affinity for these sciences.
CEO, Mukund Surange, Executive with 25+ years of global management and technical experience with strong academic background from IIT Bombay and IIM Bangalore. Diverse experience in leadership roles ranging from large corporates like IBM to managing startups.

COO, Venkat Phani Kiran, An alumnus of IIT Delhi with 12 years of core experience in teaching and managing academic delivery. One of the first in the country to deliver JEE course online and explored various online, VSAT and e-learning platforms. Worked with companies like Pearson and Everonn heading content development along with Pan-India delivery for Higher-Education & Test-prep.

Technology Advisor, Roy Dixit, Technical professional with 28+ years of experience and a proven track record in heading technical functions in both greenfield and brownfield firms in the high-tech space in US. Has a MS degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, and a BS from REC Pillai, India.

MySchoolPage Advisory Team

  • A prominent Gulf based business leader, who has transformed various high-technology firms from obscure to high-profile regional powerhouses. His last role has been as the CEO of one of the largest listed companies in GCC. Now, he is on the Boards of several companies.
  • One of the earliest Internet marketing professionals in India, who has had successful management roles at global advertising houses with branches in India. He was Vice President – Marketing of Monster Asia Pac and later Country Manager of Monster Middle East. He now runs his own Marketing consulting and Research firm – Knowience Insights.
  • A Dean of a major department at Singapore University. He has been in the education sector for over 20 years, including several years at prominent Universities in the US.