“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”.

-Ignacio Estrada


The Internet has triggered an evolution in the way we communicate, consume news, do business, and so on. The education system too is embracing the change. Today, we see how the world of tutoring has harnessed the potential of the internet. Online tutorials have emerged as a smart choice for those who want a learning platform that is adaptive and personalized to their learning needs.

These days, most of the kids can use tech devices and browse the web with ease. Students are more comfortable to use the Internet to source information than the library. Online classes can cater to the needs of the current generation of net-savvy students.

Here are five reasons to go online for your child’s coaching needs.


Online tutoring provides the flexibility for both the tutor and the student to choose a time slot that is convenient. Students are no longer constrained by the distance or time to reach the tutor’s house or the tuition center. Unlike offline coaching centers where students have to wait for extended periods to get their queries resolved, online one to one tuition allows its students to clarify their doubts at any time.


Time is money, by not having to travel online tuition helps save both time and money for both the student and the parent. Compared to regular coaching classes, online classes are value for money. Online tutors can offer you top-notch quality of education at a reasonable price.


A significant advantage of Online Tutoring is that it can be accessed from anywhere. In remote locations where there is a shortage of good teachers, students can attend online tuitions. Video recordings can make up for missed lectures or Students can also replay any tuition session on-demand for frequent revisions.


Online tutors can discover a student’s learning style and adapt to their approach accordingly. They will then use appropriate tools like interactive applications that best suits their ability to learn.

One on one sessions between the tutor and the student ensure the student gets undivided attention. Since every student gets undivided attention of a tutor, they will find it easy to interact, and learn faster.

Tracking Progress

It is quite difficult to assess the student’s progress in regular coaching classes. If you are a parent, you may want to stay updated with how your child is coping with the lessons and tests. Personalized online tuitions provide their tutors with a progress record where they can make notes and keep track of your child’s performance. They can also provide feedback and the topics covered during the sessions can be tracked. This way you can ensure you’re in the loop and are aware of your how well your child is doing.

Doing a bit of research about the organization and its credibility will take you a long way when you’re looking for an online tuition. This way you can choose the one that works best for you and get the benefits detailed above. As a parent, you can enjoy some downtime too because you needn’t worry about ferrying your child to and from the tuition center.

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