Never forget formulas – 3 daily habits that will only take 10 minutes

What is (a+b)3,

What is the Mean Value Theorem equation?

Do you remember all the trigonometric formulas involving Sin ??

Remembering mathematical formulas has never been easy. There are so many of them and are so similar to each other that sometimes, you just can’t precisely remember which one comes where. The worst part is that, if you miss even a teeny tiny element in the formula, you will be staring at a wrong answer. Not at the beginning, not midway, but in the end when you have put yourself through all the mind-numbing derivation. That is when, disappointment turns into disgust!

This would have been tolerable had the formulas existed only in Math. However, formulas are everywhere; physics, chemistry, and even in subjects like Geography, where you need them to derive the date of fossils. And this is just the beginning! The higher your grade, the more complex and difficult they get.

But, hope is not lost. You can trick your mind into remembering formulas as perfectly and proudly as they stand. We are not going to give you tips or tricks, because they will wear off sooner or later or you might come across a better one overtime. We will show you how to train yourself for learning and remembering formulas easily.

Let’s get rolling…

Daily Habit #1: Brainstorm on a formula for 10 minutes

The key to remembering is understanding! Once you have understood something completely, there is a very high chance of remembering it than say, when you mug it up.

Everyday, when you start studying, set 10 minutes aside for the brainstorming session. Pick one formula at a time and start exploring the origins and context as much as you can. Find the underlying concepts that go into this particular formula.

For example, all the trigonometric functions related to an angle (?) can be constructed geometrically, if you draw a unit circle centered at O.

Math is sequential. Find the underlying logic and it won’t trouble you at all. Practice this habit till you put in the same effort for every formula in your syllabus.

Daily Habit #2: Memorize formulas for 10 minutes before you go to sleep

Our mind works in brilliant ways. And the subconscious mind is even more fascinating. Make a note of formulas and take it to your bed. Read them for 10 minutes everyday before you go to sleep. Your brain creates permanent memories when the body is in deep sleep phase. Once asleep, your subconscious brain delves on everything that you have thought of or done during the day.

Sleeping over formulas gives your brain enough time and energy to process them out and save as a permanent memory. As a result, you will wake up remembering formulas better.

Daily Habit #3: Stay with your problems for an extra 10 minutes

Albert Einstein was once asked how he got so brilliant at solving complex problems, to which he simply replied, “It’s not that I’m smarter, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”.

When you are solving problems and some of them give you a hard time, you tend to quit and move on to others. This is not necessarily the correct approach!

Explore those difficult problems for an extra 10 minutes if you can. The more effort you put in understanding a problem, the better you get at understanding the formulas that go into solving the problem. You may or may not reach a solution in 10 minutes, but you will definitely understand the formula better. That will help in remembering it.

Try adopting these easy habits and you will realize that remembering formulas is not as difficult as you assumed it to be. Also share this idea with your friends and let them benefit.

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