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“ I have to travel a lot to pursue my work on sustainability and needed to balance my academic commitments too. MySchoolPage has helped me stay ahead academically. I log on for tuition classes from different countries and maintain my study schedule. The tutors are really very good and flexible in responding to my needs.”

Kehkashan B

“For me, MySchoolPage is more than just an educator. They have put in a lot of hard work in aligning the curriculum to my style of studying. I always ask too many questions, too very often. This was never a problem with MySchoolPage tutors and I would personally thank them for their constant encouragement.“

Nora J

“My choice for online tuitions will always be MySchoolPage. I find them very useful because I can take tuitions at my own speed, from a place of my choice, especially when my schedule is packed with swimming competitions. Physics sessions covered all my requirements and were delivered effectively.”

Suvana C

“I was always on the move and MySchoolPage was very flexible with the continuous scheduling of classes for me. They would always work out a schedule for me, even when I was on the other side of the world with a 12-hour time difference. Thanks to their efforts and great tuition classes.”

Rahul S

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