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Visualising Solid Shapes

Exercise 1

1.     For each of the given solid, the two views are given. Match for each solid the corresponding top and front views. The first one is done for you.

2.    For each of the given solid, the three views are given. Identify for each solid the corresponding top, front and side views.

3.    For each given solid, identify the top view, front view and side view.

4.   Draw the front view, side view and top view of the given objects:

Exercise 2

5.   Look at the given map of a city.

Answer the following:

(a) Colour the map as follows: Blue – water, Red – fire station, Orange – library, Yellow – schools, Green – park, Pink – college, Purple – hospital, Brown – Cementary.

(b) Mark the green ‘X’ at the intersection of Road ‘C’ and Nehru Road, Green ‘Y’ at the intersection of Gandhi Road and Road ‘A’.

(c) In red, draw a short street route from Library to the bus depot.

(d) Which is further east, the city park or the market?

(e) Which is further south, the Primary School or the Sr. Secondary School?

6.    Draw a map of your class room using proper scale and symbols for different objects.

7.    Draw a map of your school compound using proper scale and symbols for various features like play ground, main building, garden etc.

8.    Draw a map giving instructions to your friend so that she reaches your house without any.

Exercise 3

9.    Can a polygon have for its faces:

(i) 3 triangles        (ii) 4 triangles        (iii) A square and four triangles

10.  Is it possible to have a polyhedron with any given number of faces? (Hint: Think of a pyramid)

11.  Which are prisms among the following:

12.  (i) How are prisms and cylinders alike?

(ii) How are pyramids and cones alike?

13.  Is a square prism same as a cube? Explain.

14.  Verify Euler’s formula for these solids.

15.  Using Euler’s formula, find the unknown:

Faces:        ?           5         20

Vertices:  6            ?          12

Edges:      12           9           ?

16.  Can a polyhedron have 10 faces, 20 edges and 15 vertices?

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