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Rational Numbers

Exercise 1

1.    Using appropriate properties find:

2.   Write the addictive inverse of each of the following:

3.    Verify that -(-x) = x for:

4.    Find the multiplicative inverse of the following:

5.    Name the property under multiplication used in each of the following:

6.    Multiply  by the reciprocal of 

7.    Tell what property allows you to compute 

8.    Is  the multiplicative inverse of  why or why not?

9.    Is 0.3 the multiplicative inverse of  Why or why not?

10.  Write:

(i) The rational number that does not have a reciprocal.

(ii) The rotational numbers that are equal to  their reciprocal.

(iii) The rational number that is equal to its negative.

11.   Fill in the blanks:

(i) Zero has _________ reciprocal.

(ii) The numbers ______ and ______ are their own reciprocal.

(iii) The reciprocal of -5 is ________.

(iv) Reciprocal of  where x ≠ 0 is _____.

(v) The product of two rational numbers is always a _____.

(vi) The reciprocal of a positive rational number is ______.

Exercise 2

12.   Represent these numbers on the number line:

13.  Represent  on the number line.

14.  Write five rational numbers which are smaller than 2.

15.  Find ten rational numbers between 

16.  Find five rational number between:

17.  Write 5 rational number greater than -2.

18.  Find ten rational number between 

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