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Rational Numbers

Exercise 1

1.    List five rational numbers between:

2.    Write four more rotational numbers in each of the following patterns:

3.    Give four rotational numbers equivalent to:

4.    Draw the number line and represent the following rational numbers on it:

5.   The point P, Q, R, S, T, U, A and B on the number lines are such that, TR = RS = SU and AP = PQ = QB. Name the rational numbers represented by P, Q, R and S.

6.   Which of the following pairs represent the same rational numbers:

7.    Rewrite the following rational numbers in the simplest form:

8.   Fill in the boxes with the correct symbol out of <, > and =:

9.    Which is greater in each of the following:

10.  Write the following rational numbers in ascending order:

Exercise 2

11.   Find the sum:

12.  Find:

13.  Find the product:

14.  Find the value of:

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