Which learning style works for your child?

Which learning style works for your child?

Most parents would be wondering if knowing the answer to this question really matters. It might even come as a surprise to some parents that, every child has his or her own way of understanding the world, including studies.

Around us, we see many siblings who differ from each other in terms of learning abilities. While one of them might be exemplary in studies, the other might be struggling. Even if  their scores and results are similar, not all of them  might be putting in equal effort to achieve them. If this is the case with siblings, it is needless to emphasize the difference in learning abilities of unrelated children.

If you are among those, with a child having trouble in concentrating for long hours, or in understanding topics quickly, we would like to clarify that this is not a result of any intellectual limitation. It is simply because your child is not being taught in the way he or she understands.

Types of Learners, Learning Style and Character Traits

Kinesthetic Learners

Character traits –

  • Must have a strong sense of balance
  • Tends to use a lot of gestures
  • Loves hands-on activities
  • Have sharp hand-eye coordination

Learning style –

  • Prefers practically experiencing rather than studying
  • Write down while reading

Visual Learners

Character traits –

  • Will show interest in creative activities, such as drawing, painting, etc.
  • Love for books
  • Good sense of direction; better with navigation and maps

Learning style –

  • Prefers reading from books laced with pictures instead of text-heavy books
  • Loves to learn by watching instructional and informational videos

Auditory Learners

Character traits –

Learning style –

  • Prefers listening to stories and explanation
  • Will enjoy if teaching is imparted via songs and rhymes

Logical Learners

Character traits –

  • Good with calculations and numbers
  • Strong interest in solving puzzles & questions of reasoning
  • Likes to predict outcomes
  • Tries to find the logic behind everything they come across

Learning style

  • Prefers learning via every medium necessary (no significant preference for one medium over another)
  • Tries out new ways to understand concepts

Like teachers have different teaching styles, students too have their own way of receiving education. It is very crucial for parents to understand how and why their child is falling behind before jumping to any conclusion. Identifying your children’s learning styles and abilities will not only help them learn better, but will also make you a better parent at the same time.

Therefore, find out what kind of learner your child might be, to begin with. Next, talk to a tutor who can understand and cater to your child’s unique requirements.

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