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Over the last few years, delivery of training and education has made a strong shift towards e-learning. Whether it is adults taking courses to sharpen their professional skills or children getting tutored online in academics, this development has made skilled education and tutoring far more accessible than ever before. Traditionally, curriculum-based tuitions have mirrored the model of multi-student classrooms in schools, but online tutoring promises to change that and make tutoring a more personalised and customised experience.

If you have been intrigued by the idea of online tutoring, but also been hesitant to try it, here are some reasons that will help you decide whether this is the solution you child needs to be a topper at school.

  • Quality, one-on-one attention: When it comes to offline tutorials, tutoring typically happens in batches where your child is vying for the tutor’s attention along with the numerous other students, much like it happens in school. One-on-one attention is inconceivable, and special attention or teaching that is focused on aspects that the student is struggling with becomes an impossibility. On the other hand, when it comes to online tutoring, your child gets dedicated one-on-one attention that is tailored to his learning style and also helps the student get help in the concepts where he or she most needs it.
  • Cost & Convenience: Each time you send your child to a tutorial, it takes up time, money and energy. Whether it is the commute or the hassle of dropping off and picking up your child, a whole lot of factors are involved. Besides that, tuition hours are fixed and you cannot get the help of your child’s tuition teacher in-between sessions or any time that your child needs a clarification. When it comes to teachers these days, they also need to be vetted for safety reasons since you will be leaving your children with them. On the other hand, online tutoring saves you time, fuel costs and the hassle of scheduling everything around tutoring sessions. Not just that, your tutor can teach your child according to your schedule, taking away restrictions of geography, time and commutes.

online tutoring

  • Personalised Interaction & Motivation: Online tutoring is not the same as an online course where it can be ignored. Since tutoring happens one-on-one, it is based on highly personalised learning styles and challenges tailored to your child. Since the doubts your child may have are clarified by a real person in real-time, the student stays in touch with them and is encouraged to excel. Designed to rekindle children’s love for learning, online tutoring can be a great motivator.
  • The Future is Here: Schools, universities and colleges are increasingly using online learning with their students. Becoming familiar with this style of location-independent learning will prepare your child for the future. Increasingly, research has shown that children learn better from multimedia than from words alone. Whether it is video communication and the use of interactive technology or even document sharing, using online tutoring will familiarise your child with the latest multimedia and learning methodologies.
  • Feedback & Assessment: When it comes to online tutoring, assessments are carried out outside of the sessions and assignments are corrected without compromising session time. Achievements and progress can be tracked easily and your child gets the opportunity to work at their own customized pace, regardless of their classroom at school.

Online tutoring is clearly a great way for your child to tackle challenging concepts and subjects, in an individualized manner to become a topper in the classroom. If you’ve yet to try it, do get in touch to book a session for your child and you’re sure to be a ready convert.

We, at MySchoolPage, believe that every child has a brilliance that is just waiting to be tapped. Enabling mastery over the concepts he previously struggled with, our customised, one-on-one tutoring with highly skilled teachers is bound to make your child a topper.

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