How to Turn Students Into Responsible Digital Leaders

Students nowadays buzz over the latest update on their favourite apps or spend most of their times creating a strong social media presence. They share their intricate personal details and updates on social media, mostly driven by peer pressure & for gaining popularity among the digital crowd.

Though most parents have succeeded in exercising safe browsing habits among their children, students still get into some heedless behaviours out of sheer curiosity. Only by increasing the awareness among students, about holding a safe online presence and the downside of unsafe online behaviours, we can mould them into responsible digital citizens.

But, wait! Is simply being a responsible digital citizen our motto for a better future?

NO. We need leaders. Digital forerunners who define the future of the digital world through their cutting-edge inventions and discoveries. This article is about MySchoolPage’s views and ideas on developing digital leadership among students.

Being one of the best online tutoring service providers, we feel responsible for defining a better future for our students in the growing digital world.


Digital Leadership – How does it differ from Digital Citizenship?

We all are good digital Samaritans. We know how to safely browse the internet,  be more responsible for our digital footprints, and use the social media in a more responsible way. Digital Leadership is all about using the social media and the extent of the internet for the betterment of others.

We get inspired by Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others. What if we can make our students into the next digital leaders like them? Well, that’s what digital leadership is all about. Students must be encouraged to learn online and explore their way around the internet for bringing in great improvements to the digital environment, as we know today.

Making digital footprints is pretty easy! This doesn’t mean that we can go leave our personal information lying around on the internet. Online tutors and academic experts at MySchoolPage always teach our students how to exercise caution while sharing their personal information on the internet. This is a very basic info that every student ought to know beyond their regular online tuitions for all subjects.

Migrating students towards digital leadership

Many CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and other standard curriculum students can be seen actively using the internet for their online tuition classes, homework help, or finding previous year problems/solutions. They learn from the internet but do they take any step towards owning their social presence.

Digital Leadership is all about using one’s online presence for more than just personal advancements. Students should make use of their privilege to access the internet for more than just personal consumption of information. They should be able to utilize their learning for collaborating with others and improving the existing digital environment. Taking online math & science tuitions, solving NCERT questions online, finding video answer keys and more might be some of the common activities students undertake on the internet today.

So how to make them participate beyond these regular activities? Well, it’s easy. MySchoolPage believes that by encouraging students to share their learned knowledge they easily develop leadership skills and start exploring their way around developing digital leadership skills. This can begin with simply sharing their own handwritten solution/resource to the most common unsolved problem in their math curriculum, doing a detailed video report on their successful science project, taking part in online study groups/homework help forums, and more. This also means they learn to integrate the various technology/online tools to enhance their online activities.

Role of parents & teachers in imparting digital leadership

The world as we know today is mostly dependent on the internet. Every single person’s identity is influenced by their online presence and the way they portray themselves on the social media. It’s important for the students to build a positive social identity to ensure that they are growing into the next digital leaders.

Parents & teachers must encourage students to participate in many online learning activities like free online math & science quiz, take part in international Technothlon events, start their own youtube channel and share their interests with others, and more. It’s evident that the world is evolving is a much faster rate. Only students who are well-equipped to accept these changes & advance their thought process in line with the rapid advancements can ensure a successful future.

MySchoolPage believes that tomorrow’s digital leaders are walking amongst us as students. When they are equipped with the right online learning support & resource, we can expect greater results and global advancements from their genius minds.

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