How to Make Kids Overcome Their Failures and Succeed in Exams

Failures can never be avoided and it happens to everyone at some point in their lives. But for some students it hits early and coping with failure can get really hard, considering the peer & parental pressure in their academics.

Of course, every parent wants their children to bring out the best in their academics. They want to see them score good grades in their math & science subjects. Seeing their child fail an exam or two is the worst of their fears. But when it really happens most parents find it hard to comprehend the situation and end up hurting their children, rather than motivating them.

Parents must understand that failing an exam is not only hard for them but will also knock down the child’s confidence. The best way to help them cope with their poor results is to give them best online tuition help, instead of making them feel embarrassed, angry and depressed about their performance.

Students must realize failing an exam doesn’t make them any less intelligent than the other students. Parents must assure them that exam failure is just a small setback and they can easily overcome the same with proper learning support.

Here are some ideas suggested by MySchoolPage to help your child overcome constant setbacks and improve their academic performance easily:


Understand their learning difficulties

When children fail in an exam or two they end up feeling disheartened and find it hard to talk to their parents about it. Parents must take initiative at such times and help their child open up to them about the difficulties they face while learning.

Many students get distracted during class hours, dislike a particular subject for its difficulty level, or follow poor learning practices. This might affect their academic performance and in turn, lead to failure in exams. Parents must take the time to have an open conversation with their children about their failures and the difficulties they face in learning.

When the students’ requirements and difficulties in learning are clearly known, then the parents can easily address the issues with the best possible learning solutions, like hiring a private online tutor for customized learning.


Improve their learning practices

Though many children spend most of their times learning or working on their ncert solutions, they might still find it hard to crack their exams. The reason for this is having poor retention rate and following poor learning practices or study schedules. The number of hours they learn doesn’t matter, only smart learning will help in improving their retention.

Some students only skim through their subjects and don’t learn effectively, while others spend too much time on one particular subject or topic alone that takes most of their study time. Academic experts at MySchoolPage suggest only when students streamline their learning practice they get to learn more effectively and improve their retention rate.


Give them the right learning support

Now the focus must be on helping students by giving them the best learning support. Each child is unique and so are their learning requirements. Just sending them to home tuitions or group study sessions will not address their individual learning needs.

Parents can get personal tutors for their child and help them learn more effectively. When a personal tutor takes over the child’s learning, they help plan a more realistic study schedule, teach them in a personalized manner where the child doesn’t get distracted and give their entire personal attention to the student.

MySchoolPage is one such online tutoring service, where each student gets the teachers individual learning attention and start learning more efficiently than ever. Be it any subject, math online tuitions, physics online tuitions, or even ICT online tuition classes, MySchoolPage has everything covered.


Help them self-assess their learning

Do kids really know where they stand in their subject-knowledge before appearing for an exam? This is a very important factor that most students fail to assess. They learn very well but fail to evaluate their learning before appearing for an examination. This might also be a reason for their failure in academics.

MySchoolPage provides unlimited online mock tests, ncert solutions for science and math, and other learning resources for students to practice and test themselves before appearing for any examination.

MyQrate online test/online quiz is a self-assessment platform for kids to evaluate their learned subject-knowledge and improve the same at once. This online test will help students to understand the complex topics in their subjects more clearly and improve their learning for better academic results.

When proper learning support and resources are given to the children they naturally start performing well in their academics. Most importantly, parents must not hurt their child in any way and look out for proper learning support instead. 

Join MySchoolPage to explore more about personalized online tutoring and help your child overcome their failures at once!

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