Education is not complete without a proper assessment.  Today, with growing emphasis on education, educational assessment is also gaining importance.  Educational assessment in now an integral part of education.

One of the famous assessment tool used is the MCQ Tests.

What are – MCQs?

Multiple choice questions or MCQs are assessment tools in which a student is asked to select one correct answer from the list of answers.

Why are MCQs popular with test administrators?

  • Fast feedback
  • Scope for online assessments,  quick clarification
  • Highly reliable and very effective


  • MCQs consist of a question which is called STEM. The stem represents a problem which has to be solved.
  • The probable answers are called choices or options. The student has to choose one correct answer from list of four to five options. The correct answer is called KEY and the incorrect answers are called DISTRACTORS.

Proper preparation over content is the best way to excel in any exam.  Always make sure that you approach the exams with right attitude.  Have patience to go through the syllabus carefully and prepare accordingly with a timetable.

Speak to friends, discover better methods of solving any problem because, there is always more than one method to solve a problem.

Use the strategies discussed in below to guess the right answer only when you are not sure.

  1. Read the entire question and the choices before answering.
  2. Read the STEM or QUESTION properly. Reread if necessary.
  3. Highlight important aspects and key words in STEM.
  4. Most of MCQ’s have an obviously incorrect answer.  Eliminate an obviously incorrect answer.
  5. FUNNY options are usually wrong. Don’t choose them.
  6. ALL OF THE ABOVE or NONE OF THE ABOVE may be a right answer. Don’t neglect them.
  7. Look for grammatical clues. The stem may end with an article or a preposition. If the stem ends with an article a, it signals that the correct response begins with  vowel.

E.g., Geetha likes an __________

             a. doll  b. apple  c. painting  d. all of the above

  1. Learn shortcuts. Conventional way of solving a math or aptitude problem will take considerable time.
  2. Don’t leave any question blank. Use negative marking to your advantage.

E.g., assume you have left 4 questions blank, mark the answers by using the strategies mentioned.  Even if two are wrong (with a negative marking of .25 per wrong answer) you still have an advantage of gaining 1.5 marks

  1. When there is more than one right answer, look carefully.  There will be a small difference between the two answers. Look into the stem for key words and identify the right answer.
  2. Pay attention to your answer book while marking the answer.  A wrong answer in wrong place will get all your answers wrong.

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the World”                      Nelson Mandela

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