Learning in the Online World – How Technology can Help You Succeed?

Technology is an integral part of humanity – its entwined with our survival. With tech advancements, like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and more breaking into different business domains, there’s an increasing necessity to transform the way we learn and educate our children.

Technology tools have proven to be more effective in the education sector as they provide massive support in meeting the unique instructional requirements of the students. It might be quite challenging at times, like finding the best online learning/teaching tools without losing the emphasis on the purpose of education. But, once the gap for tech integration in learning is identified, it will turn into an inseparable part of learning.

With the help of many virtual learning tools, the physical classroom as we know today can be completely transformed into an immersive and efficient personalized, online learning opportunity.


Building a Positive Tech Dependency Among Students

Robert Lustig, a renowned researcher and a professor of paediatrics at the University of Southern California had recently stated,

“Technology is not a drug, but it might as well be. It works the same way … it has the same results.”

Technology can be a great distraction, if not streamlined correctly. We see a lot of kids losing too much of their productive time on smartphones and social media. Many students struggle to solve math problems, have difficulty concentrating in class and get easily distracted. This circumstance is predominant among many students and is capable of affecting their learning capability.

Lustig clearly explained how technology, just like any other addictive substances is capable of creating a dependency among kids. He stated,

“Technology, like all other ‘rewards,’ can over release dopamine, over-excite and kill neurons, leading to a form of addiction.”

Therefore, it’s important to teach our kids how to positively use the tech tools without creating any adverse effects on them. One good way is to streamline their screen-time and divert their technology usage towards online learning.

There are many personalized online tutoring services, like MySchoolPage, where you can enrol your kids and encourage them to streamline their tech time for effective learning. This will motivate them to explore the different ways of learning and score well in their academics, all the while using their favourite tech tools.


The on-set of Personalized Learning

The times when a single teacher had to manage many students are long gone. Parents and teachers have started to realise that every student has different abilities and learning potentials. Unless tailor-made tutoring practices are employed, the present day students might not be able to equip themselves with the important skills required for academic and professional success.

Personalisation of learning is all about involving the best possible tech tools like, internet, virtual medium, interactive social media and more, to enhance the learning of each student or an individual. This allows students to learn efficiently and practice their math solutions & science solutions from anywhere at any time.

At MySchoolPage, we found continuous positive outcome on our students who enrolled for personalized online tutoring for their academic lessons. Some of the most predominant positive outcomes were:


  • Growth in the level of involvement in their academics and inquisitiveness to keep learning more.
  • Able to establish their individual learning objectives and measure the outcomes on their own.
  • Clearly define their future goals and realize the importance of learning for achieving the same


The online tutors at MySchoolPage also found one-to-one personalised tutoring to be more collaborative and it helped them to deliver their best online teaching practices.


Social Media Isn’t a Waste of Time

Many find social media and online gaming, a definite waste of time. But, if we learn how to bend these resources for learning we can easily gain an upper hand. Students simply like the idea of social media and always depend on the same for gathering information. This information can be educational as well.

We can motivate them to take up online aptitude lessons, foundational/bridge courses, watch informative tv programs, play games that help in improving their critical thinking, and more. Even their daily lessons can be learnt online through personalized tutoring. The internet is also home to unlimited learning resources, like online tutorials, subject answer keys, private online tutors and more.

Technology and gadgets are always, readily available for us. But only the ones who learn to positively yield them for learning, get to succeed. It’s our responsibility to put technology to good use and address the students unique learning needs to help them learn more efficiently.

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