After the real big hue and cry for Maggi Noodles, the thought of safe and healthy food crosses everyone’s mind at every meal.  With Limited food choices for unlimited choice buds, parents find it difficult to provide healthy food for growing children.  When kids like something they eat, they consume more and demand often.  If it’s easy to prepare, it takes a permanent place in the household. That is the major problem that has happened with the Maggi Noodles.
Even after it was announced banned, many households which had stocks had the temptation to taste one before it becomes extinct in the market. Before giving food for thought it is highly essential now to give a deep and serious thought on food.
Growing kids need proper and balanced nutrition.  Same foods cannot provide it and moreover mind prefers variety.  A monotonous menu may be preferred for taste but it freezes the mind.  The mind is trained only to expect the same thing and refuses to come out of it.  This in turn will effect a child to think only of a known way to do things and not be creative.
The skin sheds its cells and gets replenished fully by the food we eat every month.  So if we keep on nurturing our body with the same type of food or improper food the skin and body tires out.  Food plays a major role in deciding our mood as well.  Same types of food implies same mood and makes one dull and grey.
We are what we eat.  Quoting Godfather “Make them an offer they cannot refuse” through varieties of food to create a healthy learning mood for the kid.  Have an awareness of the nutritional value of every food and be creative in recipes to stay healthy. This is an initiative every parent should start early and cultivate in the family to have a healthy future.
Balanced food habits not only keeps body fit and fine but also trains mind to be fresh and creative. As you sow so shall you reap.  Sow in a healthy food, reap in a brilliant future.

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