Feedforward Learning – The Gateway to Academic Success

Whenever we do something, be it an academic or professional activity, we expect some feedback on the same. Of course, feedback is pretty much essential for analysing and improving our skills, especially in complex circumstances where we can’t evaluate the performance on our own.  

But, how to tell if the given feedback is genuine and really useful for our improvement. Well, that’s quite tricky!

We’re trained to accept feedback is unfailingly useful. Especially, students believe that feedback is the best possible way for improvement. Most of our existing school system and private online tuition/learning services function on the feedback hypothesis.

Unfortunately, research suggests feedback can have a significantly varying impact on each student. Not all the feedback given by the teachers are useful for academic or personal skill development, some can even be detrimental to their development. Unless the feedback is delivered in such a way that’s easy for the students to embrace, the desired improvement never happens.


Why Is Feedback Not Really Helping out in Education?


When we give feedback to our students, there are high chances for the feedback to be influenced by our prejudice and perception of the task. Often times, the feedback turns more personal and doesn’t turn out helpful. Students expect their teachers to be supportive and helpful, not complaining and neglectful.

Most feedback systems, followed at present, are biased by the academic grading system and focus on the past mistakes of the students, rather than on what can be done to improve the present learning scenario. Students also expect their teachers to provide regular comments on their progress, rather than giving a disconsolate view once the task is already completed and beyond any improvement.

Often times, students become downhearted knowing they could have done a task – an exam, or assignments in a more better way. Giving feedback, after task completion, usually gives rise to such conflicts and might even discourage them at times. This is something that really bothered us while giving private online tuition classes to students.


What Exactly is a Feedforward System

Feed Forward is a method in which you focus on the students’ performance and comment on the possible improvements then and there, rather than giving a feedback at the end of the task. MySchoolPage believes the feedforward system will allow our online tutors to stop judging the students based on their past performance and focus more on future improvements.

An online home teacher at MySchoolPage, will continuously watch over the students’ study practices and suggest improvements regularly, rather than giving feedback after the completion of a task. Our online math teacher will guide the student while working on a math solution and improve their methods of computation in real-time through our interactive learning portal.

The Feedforward mechanism allows the teacher and the student to work out an effective learning practice, where the focus is more on academic success and brings on instant improvement in their learning practice. The wait time for feedback is eliminated and the student gets the opportunity to greatly improve in a very less time.


Feedforward Works Perfectly Fine for us

Most of the experienced online tutors at MySchoolPage believed that unless this feedforward method of teaching was implemented, the method of online tutoring can’t be utilized to its fullest potential.

We, at MySchoolPage, found our students upgrade their subject knowledge and improve their academic grades rapidly while learning through a feedforward method. We evidently found the following advancements in our students who were learning from a feedforward practice.


  • Leaves a greater impact on the student and the learning lasts longer.
  • Help understand the students’ requirements and customize the teaching accordingly.
  • Gives a feeling of accomplishment and motivates students to work harder.
  • Make them realize their inherent skills and expands their learning potential beyond academics.
  • Builds a strong sense of responsibility among students and eventually make them own their learning.


The future of education is being revolutionized by online learning, and feedforward learning will greatly help in improving the value of education in the fast-paced environment. It’s time we start implementing this beyond online learning and into our professional lives as well.

MySchoolPage is always looking out for new and effective teaching practices to ensure that students get the most out of their online tuition lessons. We want our students to realize the importance of education and make learning fun, easy, and effective for them.

Our feedforward method has helped us greatly improve our teaching methods and provide the best for our students. Next time, if you feel that your feedback isn’t working, try implementing the feedforward approach and let us know how effective it was for you.

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