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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MySchoolPage service work?

MySchoolPage e-Tutoring is the best way of receiving focused academic support in a wide selection of subjects at school level. Expert e-Tutors from MySchoolPage engage live with student's one-on- one to provide customized tutoring supplementing classroom education in the subjects where a student wants to excel.

What is the duration of each session?

We have structured our lesson plan for each student-teacher interaction to be no longer than 45 minutes, which has been shown to be the threshold beyond which a student’s ability to learn deteriorates significantly. Our lesson plans are structured on the latest and best educational research.

How do you tutor online?

MySchoolPage uses an advanced virtual classroom system that provides an experience in which our e-Tutors can focus entirely on supporting their student's. It has two-way video/audio and chat capability, and provides multiple innovative ways of creating engagement and efficient learning.

The digital whiteboard is capable of drawing, typing, importing images and files, plus the delivery of presentations, animation, and videos too.

How do the MySchoolPage packages work?

MySchoolPage packages have different number of tutoring sessions available over a specified amount of time to match the varying needs of different children. They are packaged conveniently for students to make best use of the unique MySchoolPage e-Tutoring System STS. Our most popular products are the Gold and the Platinum packages for sustained tutoring.

A student may fast track the purchased sessions based on his or her customized learning plan or spread them evenly across the
valid time period.

Do you provide study material or notes?

MySchoolPage provides highly interactive one-on- one e-Tutoring to School student's. We use books that the student follows at school only as a point of reference while developing the learning plan, but individual e-Tutors make use of notes and MySchoolPage study materials as best fits the student's needs.

Will I have access to the recorded sessions?

All material discussed in class is made available to the student along with all recorded sessions, which are also available to the Parents for review at their own convenience.

Can e-Tutoring possibly be as good as home tutoring?

e-Tutoring is virtual home tutoring using the internet. The only difference between the two is that your e-tutor is available at any time convenient to your child, with added benefit of safety of learning from the comfort of your own home. It also saves the child from the risk of commuting avoiding long hours and distance for coaching classes. e-Tutoring advocates the prophecy of learning anytime, at any place.

Is e-Tutoring good value for money?

As e-Tutoring is based on diagnostics, rather than just replicating classroom teaching, every session adds value to the student, because it is specific to that student’s needs and reinforces the information provided within a classroom.

Group classes may be cheaper per session, but personalized one-to-one tuition was asserted by the renowned educator Benjamin Bloom (as long ago as the 1980s!) to be the most effective way to secure higher grades and better comprehension.

  • You study when you want to. Pick the time slot which is comfortable to you and leave the rest to us.
  • You learn at your own pace. Here the students decides on the pace at which the Private tutor will structure the classes.
  • Study from the comfort of your home. No need to waste precious time in travelling to the tuition centers.
  • Use of Technology. MySchoolPage provides the video recording of sessions to its students. This way, a parent can login and check the real sessions and evaluate the quality of teaching. For a student these recorded sessions of their class work as a reference tool and revisit in future in case they want to clarify their doubts.
  • These are the benefits which are not available in conventional mode of teaching.

    What equipment do I need to get the most from MySchoolPage e-Tutoring?

    To get the best from MySchoolPage e-Tutoring you will need the following:

    1. A modern PC or Laptop with Windows 7 or OS X or later version
    2. A high quality Headset with Microphone (Recommended: Webcam)
    3. A reliable Broadband Internet Connection (Recommended: 1Mbps+)

    We will perform a Technical Check of your system, so that our IT support team can assist you to optimize your computer for MySchoolPage e-Tutoring.

    Which Browser should I use for Virtual classroom?

    Always use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera.