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Frequently Asked Question

How does MySchoolPage work?

MySchoolPage gives you focused academic support in a wide selection of subjects at the school level. A student’s journey starts with a proprietary student needs assessment exercise followed by the development of a customized lesson plan. Expert tutors are then assigned to each student based on their current levels of understanding of the subjects. The tutors then engage with students in online, LIVE, 1-to-1 tutoring sessions and help them learn at their own pace.

What is the duration of each tutoring session?

Every child is unique and may need more than one iteration to thoroughly understand any concept. Keeping this in mind, our sessions are designed to be highly interactive and engaging. Our lesson plans are structured in a way where the first 40 minutes are dedicated towards teaching, followed by 15 minutes of assessments and real life application of the concepts covered in the session.

How does MySchoolPage teach online?

MySchoolPage uses an advanced virtual classroom system that provides a unique classroom experience. It has a virtual whiteboard with two-way video, audio, and chat capability. It also provides multiple innovative learning elements like real time writing capability, real time drawing capability, and document sharing to name a few. This makes learning engaging, efficient, and fun.

How do MySchoolPage packages work?

With MySchoolPage, you can choose your desired number of sessions for any subject. You can use these sessions to cover your topics of interest/need. We have observed, noted and concluded the average number of sessions that a typical student would need to cover a topic. This information is available in MySchoolPage website to help you choose the right number of sessions for yourself and/or your kid. We understand that different students have different rates of learning, hence you can consume as many or as few classes to cover each topic. However, we recommend a minimum number of sessions for each subject as that would give our tutor a clearer understanding of the students grasping power.

Do you provide any study material or notes?

We use the same book that the student follows at school as a point of reference while developing an individual learning plan for them. This individual learning plan is shared with the parent and the student. Recordings of our sessions are also provided to students for future reference.

Will I have access to the recorded sessions?

The recordings of the tutoring sessions are made available to the students. Parents can also access & review the recorded video sessions at any time!

Can online tutoring be as good as regular home tutoring?

Online tutoring are virtual home tutoring that take place over the internet. The only difference between the two is your online, e-tutor is available at any time convenient to your child, with the added benefit of safe learning from the comfort of your own home. It also saves the child from the risk of commuting, thereby avoiding long hours of travel to a tutoring centre. With online tutoring, you can learn from anywhere, and at any time.

Are online classes a good value for money?

When it comes to your kid’s education, the most important criterion for choosing a tutor/training program is the quality. Our online classes are based on diagnostics, 1-to-1, and personalized. What we are not; is being a replica of classroom teaching.

Also MySchoolPage’s online classes provide students the flexibility to choose their classes based on their convenience and comfort. This makes our online classes interactive, engaging and fun thereby ensuring the best value for money.

What equipments would I need for online classes at MySchoolPage?

You will need the following to take online tutoring sessions from MySchoolPage.

A modern PC or Laptop with Windows of version 7 or higher

A high-quality Headset with Microphone

A reliable Broadband Internet Connection (Recommended: 1Mbps+)

We recommend a good quality webcam but it's not mandatory

Also MySchoolPage performs a Technical Check of students’ systems before the commencement of their journey with MySchoolPage. This exercise ensures that you have the best e-Tutoring experience with MySchoolPage.

What browser should I use for taking online classes?

Use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. Although our classes can be taken from any modern day web browser, we do recommend that you use Chrome as it is most convenient for technical setup and troubleshooting, and is the most widely used web browser.