Falling Behind in Class?

Try these 8 Effective Study Habits of Successful Students

If your grades start dropping or you find it difficult to maintain an edge in class despite working as hard as you can, it can be tempting to just give up. It may even seem like some students have a knack for learning without putting in much effort, which discourages you even further.

Being a successful student isn’t just about how long and often you hit the books, but how well you do it. Instead of trying to work harder at your studies, maybe you just need to study smarter!

Try these simple but effective tricks to boost your academic performance:

  1. Plan Your Study Schedule – Select a specific time of the day and set aside certain days of the week just for study sessions. Follow this schedule. Being consistent with it helps you train your mind to prepare for learning, which makes study more productive.
  2. Set Goals You Can Achieve – It’s important to set yourself a target for each study session, so you have some direction as well as motivation while working. Try breaking up large and difficult goals into smaller ones, so you can take them on one at a time.
  3. Space Out Your Sessions – Trying to cram all your studying into a single session will only leave you tired, frustrated, and no closer to your goal. Space out study time over shorter but regular sessions, so you can focus on learning instead of just fighting exhaustion.
  4. Avoid All Distractions – Take potential distractions such as the TV into account when you plan your study, so you can avoid going off-track. Not only do distractions make it more difficult to focus, but they can also disrupt your workflow and slow you down.
  5. Never Postpone Sessions – It’s tempting to put off a study session when something more interesting beckons, but procrastination can quickly become a habit. Postponing study time now only means trying to finish in a rush later, which is a recipe for disaster!
  6. Study with Other Students – When you work in a well-organized study group instead of by yourself, you can share ideas with others, receive help with difficult subjects or assignments, teach someone who’s struggling, and complete your work faster as well.
  7. Eat the Frog First – All this means is, learn difficult subjects or boring ones before your favorites, since they require more energy and effort. After those are out of the way, completing easier, more interesting topics seems like a reward for your hard work.
  8. Review Your Work – When you take notes, complete assignments and work on new concepts, set aside a little review time over the weekend. This boosts your retention of study material and allows you find and correct any errors in your work as well.

Time management and self-motivation are your best allies if you want to study smarter. Make learning more effective, productive and efficient by putting these tips into practice today! If there are any subjects that you face problems with, let our tutors at SchoolPage help you. You can plan your 1-on-1 online study session at your own convenience to suit your schedule.

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