A Failsafe Guide to Stress-free and Interesting Study Sessions

Do you feel that your study sessions are stressing you out?

Are you losing interest in your studies and often dread opening your books?

You’re not alone. These are some common problems among most high students. There are lot of ways you can avoid these problems and make studying fun and interesting. It will take some time to incorporate the different methods we suggest so be patient and consistent with your efforts. Plus, remember that it’s a game of trial and errors to see what works best for you. So, get ready and get started on trying our tips and actually enjoy what you learn!

Try these studying tips which will help you understand how to avoid stress while studying and stay interested.

1. Tune in to Music

Listening to music is known to have a calming effect on your mind. In fact, some types of music are said to be particularly good for stimulating brain cells. If you can’t concentrate with a song which has lyrics, find an orchestral or jazz tune which suits you. This will help you relax and focus better on your studies.

2. Use Interactive Web Resources

Make the best use of internet by exploring the numerous online educational tools. You can join online tutorial courses which use interactive learning software to make learning easy and interesting.

3. Get Creative

Use flashcards, posters, mnemonics or diagrams to make a difficult concept easy.

With flashcards, you can describe the gist of an entire concept of lesson in few key words. Posters and diagrams are great visual aids to illustrate concepts. When you are trying to remember a topic, you can simply think of the diagrams that you had drawn and the whole topic might come back to you. Mnemonics are used to translate information into a form which is easier for you to remember.

For e.g. – My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Noodles, is a very popular mnemonic for remembering the name of the planets.

4. Choose Fun Stationery

Have fun while learning boring subjects by choosing interesting stationery. You can use different colored pens, highlighters, post-its, book-marks, notepads with interesting covers, etc.

5. Reward Yourself

One of the simplest study techniques which can help you stay motivated during boring study sessions is rewarding yourself with your favorite treats. Plan them when you have finished a hard session or covered a certain number of topics in a chapter. It can be anything from fresh or dried fruits, a coffee or movie with friends, or even a nap!

6. Switch Environment

If you feel bored with your usual surroundings just grab your books and head to the park or a café. Be sure to choose a place with minimum or no distractions!

7. Try ‘Study Buddy’ Groups

Some people tend to study better with a study group. So, go ahead and invite your friends for study sessions. You can brainstorm for interesting ideas to simplify lessons, do peer review etc., to beat the stress.

8. Schedule Short Sessions

It is important to study in short bursts to stay motivated while tackling a boring subject. Hence, plan your study sessions in a way which doesn’t require you to spend an entire day on a single subject.

9. Chalk in Regular Breaks

It is important to chalk in some long breaks at regular intervals in between your study sessions. Take a weekend off and spend it doing something you love. Choose activities which rejuvenate you so that you can get back to your studies with renewed energy.

10. Eat Healthy

A proper healthy diet comprising various fruits and vegetables can work wonders for your body as well as mind. For instance, fruits rich in Vitamin C are important for a strong immune system, and good immunity helps you deal with stress better.

11. Take Naps

Sleep fights stress. So, if you feel overwhelmed during long study sessions, especially those which involve tackling a difficult topic, take short naps of around 20 minutes. Most people find themselves more productive after such naps.

Go ahead and try these effective study techniques to enjoy stress-free study sessions and stay motivated, so that you can give your 100%. If you find any subjects difficult to handle on your own, we’ve got you covered at SchoolPage with our live 1-on-1 tutoring by our subject experts.

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