Tips to Finding the Best After-School Online Tuition for Your Kids

Education is mandatory for all, especially students, for they should learn as much as they can to create a successful future ahead. Of course, they all try and learn hard, but when it comes to scoring good grades, not all students find it easy.

Many students struggle to learn in a traditional classroom setting or find it challenging to understand some complex topics. Private, online tuition classes are a viable option for parents, looking for after-school academic help for their kids.

Again, the question is, as a parent, how would you choose the right after-school online tuition class for your kids? You might easily quote a name from recent television or online ads, but are you completely aware of the process they follow?

Of course, no one wants just any online tuition support for their kids, everyone wants a tuition plan that actually converts into good results in their exams. For doing so, parents ought to understand the elements that make online tuition programs effective.

Considering these factors, we have described a few key elements that parents must consider while choosing an after-school online tuition class for their kids.

1. Ideal Student to Teacher Ratio

In a hustle to enrol more students for an online learning session, most online tuition providers compromise on the objective of giving their individual attention to each student. This makes online tuition classes no different from any traditional tuition classes, where a single teacher handles 20 to 30 students at once.

MySchoolPage strictly follow a student-teacher ratio of 1:1 for personalized online tuition classes. This allows the teacher to dedicate their entire time to teach each student. We have also personally seen that our 1-to-1 teaching model yields better results than the many-to-1 tuition classes where students are packed together.

Before you join your kid for any online tuition class, ensure that the child is going to get the most of it, while also receiving the individual attention from a teacher. The faculty profile must also be considered. That’s why expert tuition providers, like MySchoolPage, let their students select their own tutor for an online class.

Traditional online classed with the many-to-1 student-teacher ratio is a BIG NO.

2. Customizable Lesson Plan

Why do all students don’t get similar results at school? They all receive the same number of lessons under similar classroom setting, then why does one student tops the class, while other does an average. It’s pretty obvious that not all students are comfortable with the way they are being taught.

If any online tuition class is going to follow the same tutoring structure, then what will the student really gain out of it? MySchoolPage provides personalized and customizable online tuition classes, where you can decide to learn a particularly difficult topic for a longer duration and study in your own learning speed. A well-defined curriculum and customizable lesson planning will enable the students to learn effectively as they would receive their lessons in the format that’s easy to understand. Every student can create their own learning plan & work their way to success! Preset lesson plans are POINTLESS. You decide on how & what to learn.

3. Effective Teaching Methodology

Parents seriously looking for an online tuition class for their kids must be well aware of the teaching methodology employed by the tuition provider. What teaching methods do they use? How is it any different from any traditional tuition class?

At MySchoolPage, we always follow a growth mindset. We strongly believe that when the teachings are streamlined with the students’ interest & retention rate, any student can be made to succeed in their academics. We believe that with consistent learning and the right learning methodology even an average/poor grader can be made to top their exams.

When a student finds learning to be a fun activity, their efforts turn seamless and they naturally start enjoying their lessons. Only students who are committed to their learning process can achieve success. That’s one big reason why we, at MySchoolPage, work hard to enhance the students’ learning interest.

We employ the best teaching resource and tools for making our online tuition sessions as interactive as possible. The students can stop and ask questions at any time, relearn a particularly hard concept any number of times, write in real-time using the whiteboard, share resources at any time, and more.

Simply reading out of a textbook will never work!

4. Well-Defined Assessment Structure

How to measure the return on your hard-earned money spent on your kids’ online tuition classes? Of course, money isn’t a matter here, but still, what’s the use of spending more on an online class that doesn’t show any valid return through your child’s progress.

An online tuition provider must give their students access to the records, their daily learning progress, test reports, assignment copies, and more. The student or parent must be able to measure the progress at any time and this can be made possible only when the assessment parameters are predefined.

MySchoolPage follows a continuous feedback & improvement based assessment structure that makes the students’ progress easily measurable. This ensures that our students’ learning progress is tracked after every assessment and the return are clearly visible at any time.

Take a free, online test after completion of every lesson.

5. Parental Observation & Flexible Tuition Schedules

Students are often packed with regular school works and other ad-hoc school tasks. It is practically hard for them to take tuition sessions at fixed times. They might end up skipping a class or two owing to the heavy learning schedule at school.

MySchoolPage offers flexible online tuition sessions, where you have the flexibility to choose your own tuition timing and reschedule any if required. This flexibility in online tuitions has improved the attention rate among students, as they would be taking the lessons in their comfortable timeline.

You can also witness the live, online tuition class of your child at all times, thereby see how they learn and progress at all times. This transparency with the parents allows us to gather continuous feedback and give out the best online tuition classes.

The takeaway here is pretty simple: An online tuition must provide quality teaching that reflects explicitly on the student’s grades/exam results. The progress must be measurable and real at all times.

MySchoolPage provides personalized online tuition for all subjects and curriculums. Join us to explore a new interactive learning environment and score high in your exams with our personalized training.