How to help slow learners

It is hard to accept that your child is a slow learner and not doing too well at school. Parents must stop bench-marking their child as a slow or a fast learner. A slow learner should not define a weak student. No student is weak or bright by birth, it’s the way we feed the knowledge and how they imbibe the learnings which makes them so.

We must admit that our educational system has many flaws which compel students to study forcibly and not with ease. In these circumstances students who need slow and steady teaching are suffering the most. All the students in a particular class are not same, but our so-called academic system does not understand that fact.

It is also true that your child is born with certain IQ level. However, low IQ of your child cannot be blamed alone for his weak performance, as many more things contribute to it.One must try to understand the child’s day to day challenges and concerns. There might be little things that seem less important to you, but they can turn out to a big game changer for your child. Try thinking from child’s perspective as the child may not know how to communicate his/her concerns with you. Read the article to know how to transform your slow learner child into a brighter one. These tips are helpful both for parents and teachers.

Listen to them

Listening carefully is how you gather information about what’s going on in your child’s life. The first step to address your child’s academic issues is to listen to them and understand their problems. You must admit it first that your child is facing a challenge and it’s not a mere excuse to skip studying. Once you admit and accept your child’s concerns, you can easily find the solution.

Do not blame children for their slow learning habits

Most parents blame their children for their weak academic performance. Blaming children will not help, but will isolate them. They will not share any issues with you and will end up in despair. You must listen, understand and solve their problems rather than blaming them.

Acknowledge their problems

There is always a psychological reason behind your child’s poor performance. One must understand the reason behind their aversion to the studies. Most of the times, some family issues, bullying by friends, fear of teacher or school etc., are the main reasons impacting the child’s performance. Try to address the root cause of his weak performance and offer help.

Address the problem areas

The reason behind poor academic performance could be failing to retain what they learn in the class. If this is the case, then please encourage your child to write, as jotting down the things will help in retaining the lessons for longer. They must be taught some simple tricks to memorize some tedious equations, formulas etc.

Appreciate them

A pat on a shoulder and an applause at the right time are much needed to boost your child’s interest and confidence for better academic performance. The lack of appreciation by the parents and teachers may make your child lose interest towards studies.

Check for some health issues

Another reason behind your child’s weak performance could be certain health issues. Check for malnutrition, eyesight problems or attention deficit disorder, which could be one of the factors responsible for your child’s not so great performance.

Teach them from the scratch

Your child may be carrying doubts of the previous lessons to the new class. Having a poor understanding of the basics will lead to performance issues and impact grades. The missed lessons of the previous class must be taught from the scratch to clear all his/her doubts. This will help your child to take up new challenges and equip him/her with better problem solving skills.

Help them in time management

Your child must learn better time management to be really productive. One must set a timetable for children to ensure they are spending quality time for studies as well as games. However, don’t make them work like a robot, a little flexibility will go a long way and work wonders.

Stop Being Biased

Everyone will agree that most teachers give more attention to the brighter students. This biased attitude of teachers demotivates and discourages the weak students and as a consequence, they tend to lose interest in their studies. As a parent, one must watch out for this during parent teacher reviews and also observe how the child responds to the teacher during such interactions. You can also hire a private tutor who can help to raise confidence levels in your children apart from helping them in their studies.