Online Tutoring – Where Convenience Meets Competence

The world is moving to a system that is considered more successful in producing desired or intended results.

Education is the key to success!

We are surrounded by many examples that succinctly account for this fact. This compels parents to scramble and enroll their kids in the best of the best schools. But, is that still enough?

While some children thrive comfortably in a crowded classroom with many students, a majority of others need more individualized attention to unlock their highest potential. Parents, therefore, choose to provide this extra attention through tutoring.

How do they do it?

SchoolPage did a survey and enquired a few parents, what tutoring format they adopted. Following was the outcome:

  • 49% parents said, “We drive our children to tuition centers”
  • 27% replied, “We have the tutors come to our home”
  • 19% stated, “Online tuitions”
  • Rest of the parents asserted their kids never went for any form of tutoring and did more or less of what you’d call ‘self-tutoring’

Which group is getting desirable results?

Next, we inquired how satisfied they were with the results about the kind of tutoring they have arranged for their kid.

  • Parents of kids who visited physical coaching centers complained their kids received minimum attention or assistance from their tutors.
  • Parent of kids who took in-home tuitions were, although satisfied with personal assistance, had complaints that their kids were still having tough time to fully grasp or comprehend everything.
  • Parent of kids taking online tutoring acknowledged this form of teaching immensely expressing great satisfaction over both, level of assistance and knowledge transfer.

The critical success of online tutoring lies in, its discipline, focusing on one student at one time, and an incredible ability to aid grasping.

What are the key requirements online tutoring fulfills?

SchoolPage delved deeper into the subject and inquired parents to ascertain what properties online tutoring fulfills. They replied:

Availability of qualified teachers: Mr. Mustansir from Dubai

“We are restricted by proximity while choosing a private tutor or tuition center for our children. But online, we have access to highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers, logging in from across the length and breadth of the globe. This ability to choose a tutor from a global list and making this choice based on individual learning styles & goals is an advantage like no other.”

Freedom from safety concerns: Mrs. Purnima from India

“Being a parent, I am always concerned about my kid’s safety and security. So, having them home instead of traveling to a tutor’s premises gives me one less cause to worry about. Moreover, having every session recorded and tracked eliminates further concerns. This is a critical issue for 2-income middle-class families like ours.”

Truly “Personalized” for kids: Mrs. Khursheeda from Saudi Arabia

“At tuition centers, attention of the tutor is divided across many students. Furthermore, the tutor plans his delivery based on what is the priority for majority of the students and not necessarily for our children. We can’t expect our children to do their best in such case! In Online Tutoring, we can expect lots more attention. Also, every session is recorded. This provides information necessary to truly customize tutoring for our children.”

No more inconvenience and no more fatigue: Mr. & Mrs. Mofakeh from United Arab Emirates

“As working parents, we find it hard to make time for taking our children to tuitions. Add to that too much travelling in this urban traffic tires our kids. All this struggle drains the energy and enthusiasm out of them to do anything, let alone learning. Not having to travel anywhere for tuitions is a blessing that saves both of us a lot of energy and time.”

Are Online Tuitions here to stay?

Technavio, a leading global technology and research company, based on its recent report states that, “The global K-12 online tutoring market by assessment is expected to reach USD 77.23 Billion by 2021”.

The emergence of virtual learning; range of collaboration tools and apps; and increasing customization of tutoring services are only driving the growth prospects of online tutoring uphill.

Summing up….

Online tutoring has evolved over-time and parents are gradually discovering its outstanding benefits in delivering highly interactive sessions. Features like live chat, video feed, whiteboard, and visually-appealing illustrations present an amazing learning experience. It provides a very organized method to measure the progress of students and identify their strengths and weaknesses through tracking tools.

On a similar note, MySchoolPage has been working with the best of the tutors and delivering online tuitions seamlessly for years now.

“Education has to unsettle students’ minds, widen their horizons, inflame their intellects and teach them to think straight, if possible”. This famous line of American educational philosopher Robert M Hutchins is our inspiration in our mission to empower 1 million students to achieve their full academic and learning potential over the next 5 years.