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Human Reproduction

1.     Fill in the blanks:

(a) Humans reproduce __________. (asexually/sexually)

(b) Humans are__________. (oviparous/viviparous/ovoviviparous)

(c) Fertilization is __________ in humans. (external/internal)

(d) Male and female gametes are __________. (diploid/haploid)

(e) Zygote is __________. (diploid/haploid)

(f) The process of release of the ovum from a mature follicle is called__________.

(g) Ovulation is induced by a hormone called the __________.

(h) The fusion of the male and the female gametes is called __________.

(i) Fertilization takes place in the __________.

(j) The zygote divides to form __________, which is implanted in uterus.

(k) The structure which provides vascular connection between the fetus and uterus is called __________.

2.    Draw a labeled diagram of male reproductive system.

3.    Draw a labeled diagram of female reproductive system.

4.    Write two major functions each of testis and ovary.

5.    Describe the structure of a seminiferous tubule.

6.    What is spermatogenesis? Briefly describe the process of spermatogenesis.

7.    Name the hormones involved in regulation of spermatogenesis.

8.    Define spermiogenesis and spermiation.

9.    Draw a labeled diagram of sperm.

10.  What are the major components of seminal plasma?

11.  What are the major functions of male accessory ducts and glands?

12.  What is oogenesis? Give a brief account of oogenesis.

13.  Draw a labeled diagram of a section through ovary.

14.  Draw a labeled diagram of a GraafianFollicle?

15.  Name the functions of the following.

(a) Corpus luteum

(b) Endometrium

(c) Acrosome

(d) Sperm tail

(e) Fimbriae

16.  Identify True/False statements. Correct each false statement to make it true.

(a) Androgens are produced by Sertoli cells. (True/False)

(b) Spermatozoa get nutrition from Sertoli cells. (True/False)

(c) Leydig cells are found in ovary. (True/False)

(d) Leydig cells synthesise androgens. (True/False)

(e) Oogenesis takes place in corpus luteum. (True/False)

(f) Menstrual cycle ceases during pregnancy. (True/False)

(g) Presence or absence of hymen is not a reliable indicator of virginity or sexual experience. (True/False)

17.  What is menstrual cycle? Which hormones regulate menstrual cycle?

18.  What is parturition? Which hormones are involved in induction of parturition?

19.  In our society the women are often blamed for giving birth to daughters. Can you explain why this is not correct?

20.  How many eggs are released by a human ovary in a month? How many eggs do you think would have been released if the mother gave birth to identical twins? Would your answer change if the twins born were fraternal?

21.  How many eggs do you think were released by the ovary of a female dog which gave birth to 6 puppies?

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