What is the biggest challenge parents face when it comes to helping their child study better?

Your love for your children is insurmountable. It magnifies the happiness you find because of your children. And unfortunately, it magnifies any stress, if it involves them.This stress multiplies many fold when it comes to their studies. Getting your children to do their homework or prepare for any upcoming test can make you feel absolutely helpless sometimes. Guilt, despair and frustration can overwhelm you if you don’t find a way to help your child. But, you are not alone! MySchoolPage interviewed parents across the world to understand how common the struggles are and what are the common struggles are.

About the Survey

We recently asked parents to share stressful situations they faced or have been facing over the years in helping their children get through academic life at school.

  • Survey was conducted across countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, India, Malaysia, and ten other countries.
  • Approximately 13,000 parents participated in the research.
  • The research ran for 6 weeks.


Unsurprisingly, almost every parent had a story, i.e., a struggle to share.

71.23% of parents said they face a hard time coping with their children whenever it comes to studying.

19.75% of parents said, while they do lose sleep over their child’s studies, such instances are only occasional.

10.02% of parents said this was nothing troubling and not a problem to worry about because children come around with time.

As much as we would like to talk about all the stories we heard, it will be practically impossible to lay them all out over here.

So, we shortlisted the ten most common and most problematic ones to move on with the discussion.

Top 10 challenges parents face, when it comes to helping their child study better

The list has been drawn on the basis of personal experiences shared by thousands of parents.

1. Deteriorating quality of school education

“Schooling is no more like it used to be”, or that is the assumption of most parents these days. As per a mother, Farheen Sajid,

“Schools do  not  put  much efforts  or go extra mile in explaining a topic more than once.”

2. Non Availability of proper coaching centers

Another challenge many parents face is the absence of proper coaching centers. Anisetamne shares,

“No guidance or teaching centers nearby. Cannot offer separate coaching classes because of busy school timings.”

3. Absence of quality teachers/good tutors

Parents of some children believe their child has the potential, but they fail to perform because of absence of good guidance from quality tutors. Surya Singh says,

“A perfect tutor after the school could push up his interest in studies, make children fond of his syllabus other than doing anything else at the early stage of school time, i.e., Std 5 to 10.”

4. Addiction to technology

The distraction caused by easy access to gadgets, computers, mobile phones, etc., is one rising concern among many parents these days. Lasanthi shares,

“My son is 15 years old. Though he has the potential, my biggest problem is his interest and addiction to electronic devices.”

Another parent, Imran says,

“Over use of computer and the use of devices kills the ability of every growing child to use the brain to understand anything.”

5. Exposure to inappropriate content on the internet

A significant number of parents raised concerns over the prevalence of digital platforms and the kind of content that is available on them. Ali says,

“Really bad content that the kids are exposed to from tv, iPad, and social media.”

6. Complacency shown by teachers at school

School teachers seem to be setting the bar low and grounds of complacency are other unique challenges cited by many parents. Tanja Bohler shares,

“Complacency in schools with teachers accepting poor academic results leave our children struggling to get a place in a decent university.  No school or teacher can assume that a child has reached his potential in any given area – nobody can know what someone’s full potential is.  Teachers set targets way too low, and reward themselves and children for low standards of achievement.”

7. Too much of pressure

Some parents also think they are putting their children under too much pressure, which eventually results in poor academic performance. Baljeet says,

“We expect too much from our children.”

Another parent, Rehan Wasi asserts,

“Improper time management due to too much of school work, tuition. At times i don’t know how to manage free time for my child to have some extra curricular activity as per her liking.”

8. Lack of focus/concentration

Lack of focus or inability to stay focused for long might not sound like a big problem, but it is, to many parents. Sajida Hajiwani says,

“I just face one problem that is my child doesn’t want to concentrate.. He just skips one topic from another, and is not able to frame own answers.”

Talking about her son, Anushka K says,

“He never sits continuously for 15 minutes in a place, concentrate and study. Gets distracted very easily and feels like eating when asked to study.”

9. Lack of Motivation

Many parents find the lack of motivation to be the primary cause for poor academic performance of their children. D.P. Ahluvalia shares,

“My child is 16 years old. Not motivated, neither a self starter.“

Seema Nambiar, another mother, while talking about her son says,

“Unable to take responsibility for independent studies. Lack of motivation for reading.”

10. Mundane teaching style

Some parents also believe that schools and other educational centers must drop their traditional teaching methods and switch on to something that is more interactive. According to Anjali,

“Appropriate, innovative, colorful worksheets is what is needed to make my child understand the concept.”

Our take…

The above points not only outline the challenges of parents, they also offer our education system a glimpse into the needs of the hour. We are sure you have a say on this and we would like to know more about it. Please take a moment to share the biggest challenge you face when it comes to helping your child study better, here. If we can be of any help, we would love to be!

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