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About Us

MySchoolPage™ is an online tutoring service for K-12 students of all English medium curriculums. We are revolutionizing the tutoring process by ensuring that your child’s lesson plans and schedules are customized. Our academic experts ensure that our tutoring processes are tailor-made for your child in order to ensure academic success.

MySchoolPage™ is a brand of TelcomSolve Inc., USA. Our flagship learning platform, the MySchoolPage Tutoring System (MTS), is the outcome of our long quest to combine the latest online technologies with the best teaching methodologies to promote effective learning. We have positively impacted thousands of students’ academic records with an aim to continuously improve our technology, delivery processes, and services for ensuring constant improvements in students' performances.

We aspire to help every child achieve their true potential by combining the best of education and technology.
To empower 1 Million students to achieve their full academic and learning potential over the next five years.
Delight, Consistency, and Creativity

School students everywhere deserve to be be taught better. We believe that personalizing lesson plans that cater to the pace and style of each child is one of many ways that learning experience for a child can be enhanced. Another way to improve the experience is to provide personalized attention to each student. Conventional classroom learning doesn’t cater to the learning needs of every single child and neither does it afford the teachers the opportunity to provide the individual attention and mentoring that each child requires. That’s exactly where MySchoolPage™ fits in. Our carefully selected tutors, our robust technology platform, and highly responsive customer service ensures that your search for a great tutoring company ends here.

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