Our Approach

While there are many excellent teachers available throughout the world, there is always hope for good learning. But great teaching and personalized teaching are very different in many ways and require completely different approaches.

The conventional classroom learning that most students experience is completely different from the off-school learning and teaching methodologies. With this factor in mind, the MySchoolPage team worked with many global academic experts to create a unique MySchoolPage e-Tutoring System called the MTS.

The MTS is a highly structured academic system based on Richard E. Mayer’s ‘Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning.’ MTS uses a 9-stage lesson organizational structure, cognitive tools like Mind Mapping and self-diagnosis tools like Comfort Boxes that facilitate student-centric tutoring.

MySchoolPage’s MTS platform ensures better engagement, superior retention and rapid results in our online tuition classes.

About Us

MySchoolPage is focused on revolutionizing the tutoring process to promote personalized and interactive learning practice among students. We deliver online tuition classes to K-12 students from different grades & curriculum across the world.
MySchoolPage™ is a brand of NetLeisure Industries FZ LLC and is the outcome of our long quest to combine the latest technology in education and great teaching methodologies to promote effective learning.
Our unique e-Tutoring methodology, called the MTS, allows us to provide a personalized approach to teaching. We aim to make quality education available to students worldwide.

Core Team

 Dana Jandhyala

Co-founder & Managing Director, MySchoolPage

Mukund Surange

 Director, MySchoolPage

 Abhijit Sreenivas

CCO, MySchoolPage

 Roy Dixit

CTO, MySchoolPage


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