8 Ways to Help Your Child Manage Exam Stress

Unless a child is a high achiever, they’re probably going to wait till last minute to start studying for exams, and do just enough to pass. High achiever or not, exam season is a time of stress for your child. Exam pressures can result in both physical and mental health issues over time, affecting their overall performance.

Here are some simple tips for supporting and motivating your child during exams, to help reduce exam stress:

Spot the Warning Signs – The first step in coping with examination stress is to recognize the signs of stress that emerge as exam time gets closer. To identify stress signals that come from exam pressures, monitor children for irregular sleeping and eating patterns, sudden mood swings, complaints of aches and pains, panic attacks, etc.

Communicate With Them – If your child seems to be getting stressed, take proactive measures to stop exam stress in its tracks. By communicating with your kid, you can help them manage exam stress better. Openly discuss how to plan exam studies as well as what’s bothering your kid, and work together to achieve a solution.

Teach Them Mindfulness – Teach children the importance of deep breathing right from childhood, as it helps to beat stress by centering them and increasing mindfulness. Taking deep breaths helps to focus on the moment and consistently builds a sense of calmness that your child could use to cope with examination stress and other factors that inhibit growth.

Understand Their Strengths – Every child has unique skills, so learn to identify these. Set realistic goals and expectations, and urge your child to focus on what interests them, instead of pushing for improvements that don’t come naturally. As children learn to master their strengths, it becomes easier for them to open up about weaknesses and deal with them rationally.

Help With Revision – Revision before an exam is one of the best ways to cope with exam stress. Establish a revision and study time schedule soon after the exam timetable is revealed, to help children start exam prep well before time. Monitor their schedules and make sure that they have already studied and understood the subject matter before revision time.

Feed Them Right – As children face exam stress and anxiety, proper nutrition is the least of their priorities. Monitor your kids’ meals and snacks to ensure they’re eating healthy, especially during exam season. Make sure their diet is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary supplements and super foods that boost brain power.

Set a Sleep Schedule – A minimum of 8 hours of sleep allows the brain to function optimally, and a good night’s rest should be a priority for children. Kids who deprive themselves of sleep during exam season could develop insomnia later on, so ensure your child gets enough sleep daily to beat exam stress more effectively.

Give Them Space – To relieve stress, create a positive, encouraging environment at home. Every child must have a study space where they can comfortably sit back and concentrate. Plan exam studies for children by putting up pin boards that display their exam timetables, daily schedules, inspirational quotes, flash cards and notes.

Lack of preparation, combined with uncertainty of results and worry about possible failure in exams, is the leading cause of exam stress in children. The experienced tutors and customized lesson plans at MySchoolPage can help your child understand where they need extra revision or attention, boosting their confidence and reducing worry.

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