8 New Year Resolutions that Won’t Fail You!

With the New Year approaching, it’s time to recognize the bad habits that set you back, creating a hindrance to your path to success and make some positive changes. And the beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to drop those old habits and begin afresh. Most of us tend to create unachievable New Year resolutions however, and most people don’t end up seeing them through more often than not. For those of you that fall into the same category, here is a list of simple and achievable New Year’s resolutions that are sure to help you turn over a new leaf

Don’t Study Hard, Study Smart
Reading notes all day long and drowning under study material may work for some but it’s not the best way to study. Nor is it helpful or fun. So, rather than wasting your time following the same monotonous schedule that you’ve always followed, why don’t you mix it up a little? Create a new study schedule for yourself. A little trial and error should help; call some friends over and try group study sessions, or go online and look for fun study tools or interactive online tutoring classes. Just pick what appeals to you the most and promise yourself that you’ll stick to it!

Embrace Living in the ‘Now’
Let this year mark the beginning of a new you by ridding yourself of the nasty habit of procrastination. Most students tend to procrastinate as a reaction of being overwhelmed by schoolwork. So, rather than pushing it aside for the next day and increasing that existing pile of work, use the time you spend cribbing about the amount of work you have to create a game plan to finish all the tasks on hand. A smart way to do this is by breaking down large tasks into parts and by setting a deadline for each part and rewarding yourself after each task. Once the projects and assignments are divided into manageable tasks, procrastination will be a thing of the past.

Pick a Hobby
While this might sound like seasoned advice, taking up a hobby can actually help your mind relax and rejuvenate. It doesn’t have to be something completely out of the box, rather something that you’d actually like to do in your free time. While most people suggest reading or writing, it could be something as simple as doodling. Basically, any activity that you can perform enjoyably without having to apply too much mental power. By separating your free time from your study time to perform something that is of great interest to you will increase your span attention to each task and improve concentration.

Cut the Chaos
Why not be prepared, then wait until the last minute which only creates more stress and panic. Here’s a fun way to get organized and be ready. Set mini-goals that are easily achievable, write these goals on an index -card and keep them in a highly visible place. Simply looking at these goals everyday will remind you of what you planned to achieve and you will automatically find the motivation to make it happen!

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin
It is important to find balance at this stage when there are too many assignments and projects to finish. Remember nothing is impossible, it can all be managed. Don’t get caught up in getting high marks or being number one, it only leads to more stress and anxiety. If you find yourself being anxious, take a break, go out meet your friends. Once you are refreshed, you’ll be ready to hit the wheel again with a fresh mind.

Be More Welcoming of New Experiences
Take up something that is out of your comfort zone, it could be a new language or a new form of art. This will not only help broaden your knowledge but will also help you experience something completely new and really show you how receptive you are to new things. Remember knowledge is never enough, there will always be something that you are not aware of, so get out there, find it and learn more about it!

Be Proactive, not Reactive
Many-a-times, you might end up day-dreaming in class because you have no idea of what’s going on! So, be a little proactive and look at your course beforehand to identify your problem areas. Find someone who can explain the same to you, or simply find a good online tutoring service that can help. This will not only help you get rid of you day=dreaming problem, but will also be able to increase your attention span in the classroom while enhancing your skillset!

With the wide array of online teaching tools and online tutoring services that are now available, students can now achieve what they previously thought was out of bounds. All it takes to make the change is a good set of resolutions and some integrity to see them through! And viola, by the end of the year, you will find a new you!

Be Prepared for the Class:
Class time will be more fun and productive if you are prepared. Taking some online vacation classes will enhance your skills and increase class participation. Make notes of the online classes and make sure to carry them.

With new technologies, it has become more convenient as well as a lot easier to form better study habits. My School Page helps students learn through innovative ways with our modern methodologies.

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