8 Effective Tips to Prepare for Exams like a Pro!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were carefree, confident and composed when exams are approaching? Yes, it most definitely would be nice – super nice. Do you know how you can find yourself in this state? By staying ahead of the game – prepping ahead, reviewing ahead, learning and grasping concepts when they are taught in class and then practicing them in regular intervals so you don’t forget them. Don’t get shocked – all of that can be done, but the problem is; hardly anyone actually does any of it.

Your ultimate goal as a student should be to be prepared so you are not stressed and baffled before exams, but when you don’t find yourself in that position, there are few things you can try out to help you study better for exams.

Prioritize Lessons

Some students like to start with the difficult topics first and some like to get the easy topics out of the way first. Whatever your preference, make sure you prioritize the lessons as per your preference and the time available on hand.  Make a plan and that works for you.

Practice with Previous Papers

Get hold of the previous years’ question papers and solve them for practice. This will not only make you comfortable with the paper format but will also boost your confidence, while showing exactly what you need more work on.

Explain to Others What You have Learned

One of the most effective tips to study better for your exams is to explain to others what you have learned – or teach a topic to someone else. This helps you test your knowledge and you can identify the areas which need improvement with this simple exercise.

Create and Use Visual Aids

Lot of students are visual learners and they understand concepts better in a pictorial manner. Find infographics and visual aids for the different topics that are difficult for you. Create your own visual aids where you think they will help. This will help Illustrate concepts better. Such aids create a visual memory in your brain and are comparatively easy to recall.

Make the Most of E-Learning

You can choose interactive online tutoring classes, be a part of an online discussion board or watch videos about a subject or topic you find difficult. Most of these digital educational tools are designed to help students grasp concepts better and faster.

Factor in Breaks

Long study hours will leave you exhausted and make you lose interest in the subject. Taking short breaks in between your study sessions will not drain your energy. You can use this free time to have fun and relax. Such breaks are a great motivating factor when you don’t feel like studying.

Block Distracting Sites

Be careful to practice self-control so that you don’t exceed the break time. To help with that, you can use apps which help you block distracting sites for certain duration. This will also help you control your temptation to check social media sites every few minutes and make your study sessions as well as breaks more productive.

Don’t Compromise on Your Sleep

A well-rested mind and body will always be more productive. So, don’t compromise on your sleeping hours for revisions. Sleeping well helps boost your memory and as a result you are able to better recall what you had studied, during your exams.

Try these tips and find yourself better prepared for exams. Make sure to start sooner than later, and for the next exam, maybe you can strive to be prepared ahead of time. Remember, for subjects that you just can’t handle on your own, get help. Find a friend, or a tutor, or even ask your parents to help you out. If you are still struggling, don’t wait till the last moment, just let us help you. At SchoolPage we have expert tutors to teach your difficult concepts online with our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

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