7 Tips to Improve Reading Skills and Comprehension in Children

Studies have shown that good reading and comprehension skills can enhance a child’s overall development and significantly raise their competency levels. The mind is like any other muscle and can be trained to work better, so help your child improve reading skills if they’re reading below their grade level.

Here are 7 ways you can enhance child reading skills, comprehension and fluency:

  1. Read to Them Regularly and Often – Spend time reading to your children, to spike their interest in the written word. As a parent, you play an important role in encouraging them to be avid readers. Your children value the time spent with you, and reading to them regularly is a key way to improve kids reading skills in the long run. Start by reading to them and slowly getting them to read along.
  2. Set up Regular Reading Sessions – Like any other learning, a regular routine is the best way to improve child reading skills. Establish a schedule that encourages your child to read for set periods of time daily. Start with 5-10 minute reading sessions and increase session length as they advance. To build reading comprehension, encourage them to share what they have read in their own imaginative way.
  3. Instill an Awareness of Phonemics – Teaching kids how to think about, notice and relate different sounds to spoken words helps them build a strong foundation and improve reading skills. Phonemic awareness is all about breaking each word down and blending it to understand how the sounds of broken words make up our language. Sit with your children and sound out difficult words to build familiarity.
  4. Help Them Understand Phonics – Phonic awareness is fundamentally different from phonemic awareness, as it focuses on each individual letter instead of breaking the word down. To improve reading comprehension and skills, read aloud and sound out each word with letter names used in the written language, their sounds, and how they come together to make the spoken word.
  5. Provide a Variety of Reading Material – Besides school books, there’s a lot of reading material available that can spur a child’s interest and imagination. Compile a variety, notice what kids respond to, and keep mixing it up to maintain their fascination. Children can improve reading skills through story books, magazines, and even comic books, so surround them with reading material!
  6. Emphasize on Reading Fluency – Fluency takes time and practice, but it’s an important step to enhancing child reading skills. More time spent reading at a younger age boosts fluency, especially if you encourage kids to pick up the pace with time. This helps build speed, accuracy and understanding of intonation, as words should be read with the purpose of comprehension and not mere reading.
  7. Use New Technology As Well – Using technology to build interest is definitely an effective way to teach kids to read. Kids today start using technology as soon as they begin to develop motor skills. The next time your child reaches for your phone, open up an educational app, game or quiz. After all, in today’s day and age learning and technology pretty much go hand in hand!

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