6 Awesome Benefits of Personalizing Education for Successful Adaptive Learning

Imagine a classroom in the near future, where students don’t have to follow the regular mass learning culture. Instead, they can make their tutoring instructions adapt to their specific requirements and unique learning interests. The concept of one-to-many teaching will be long forgotten and each student will get their own personal online tutor in this utopia.

Yes, that’s the perfect world for students. You don’t have to worry about getting back to the reality yet, MySchoolPage is already on its way to realising this adaptive learning practice. With the best personalized online tuitions, MySchoolPage has found a way to address the unique learning requirements of each student.

Adaptive learning is all about employing the right technology tools to customize and personalize learning. The online tuition sessions at MySchoolPage will be customized to suit the learning requirements of each student, by providing them with the unique learning materials they need. It requires a lot of human input, right from running a student requirement analysis to developing customized lesson plans. MySchoolPage’s academic experts are masters in developing learning plans for students.

Personalization of learning is the future of education and it’s better to give a glimpse of this adaptive online learning setting to the students before they get completely immersed in the futuristic adaptive learning environment. This will help them deal with the change in a positive way and gain the most from their learning practices.

We have personally witnessed some massive changes in our students, who enrolled for personalised online tutoring lessons at MySchoolPage. Here are 6 awe-inspiring advantages of personalizing learning we noticed among our students:

1. Learning becomes purpose-driven

Personalized online tutoring is all about instilling the purpose of learning in the students’ minds. When the tutoring plans are organized in such a way that it makes the lessons easily understandable, students begin to find a purpose for learning that subject. Only this purpose-driven learning can last longer.

We at MySchoolPage started to notice that our students, receiving private online physics tuitions, came up with multiple ideas for their science fair project and started to have more rational interactions with their online physics tutor. This inspired them to overcome their fear of the subject and start a purpose-driven learning practice.


2. Individual learning skills are promoted

Each student has unique learning needs and skill sets. The mass learning environment will not focus on improving the individual learning skills of each student. But through adaptive learning practices, students get more opportunities to realize their requirements and start implementing their unique skills for effective learning.

They take ownership of their learning and start exploring their independent learning skills. A student learning Vedic math concepts online will start implementing his learned skills to solve complex mental math computations and do math faster than before in an adaptive learning environment.


3. Students develop a self-learning mindset

The ultimate goal of education is to lift the responsibility “off” the teachers and encourage students to learn on their own. Most students required their parents or teachers to keep on reminding them about their learning responsibilities for they might dislike some subjects, and turn lethargic towards learning.

With personalized online tutoring help students can be easily motivated to take up their responsibilities and develop a self-learning attitude. Once, a student taking up online science tuitions at MySchoolPage turned very enthusiastic towards his lessons and gradually started to learn on his own, which usually takes a lot of nudging from his parents. This type of self-learning mindset is very important in life and a student in an adaptive learning environment develops this easily.


4. Motivates students to learn more

Motivation is important because it’s the sole driving force that pushes a student to actively look out for learning resources. Parents and teachers can only extrinsically motivate a student to learn through rewards or punishments. But this kind of motivation will not lead to self-learning or knowledge retention.

Adaptive learning is all about creating an intrinsic motivation in the students’ minds to make them realize the importance of learning. When the online tutoring modules are personalized to meet the students unique learning difficulties and requirements, it intrinsically motivates them to learn on their own.


5. Increase their learning capacity

The students’ ability to succeed in their academics depends on the most fundamental learning element, their learning capacity. Biologically students have different brain structures and each of their learning capacity might differ. That’s why one student gets a higher score than the other in their online science lessons or any other subject for that matter.

When learning is personalized based on this individual capacity factor, the students get enough time and resource to learn their academic lessons. They don’t have to struggle to catch up with the lessons and can work out a learning plan for themselves. On the whole, adaptive learning practices can greatly improve a students’ learning capacity, which can’t be generally addressed in a mass learning environment.

6. Enhance their decision-making skills

Decision-making skills are not only important for academic success but will also help an individual achieve professional success. The students’ decision-making skills are greatly influenced by their surroundings and their learnings.

In a personalized adaptive learning setting, students are generally allowed to make their own learning decisions and see how their decision affects their performance. Students get to take online tests & quiz, like MyQrate, to analyse their learnings through logical decision-making questions and review their decisions in real-time.

Adaptive learning, when implemented correctly, can truly engage the learners and benefit them in many ways. Join MySchoolPage to take up personalized online tuitions from expert tutors and get a hands-on adaptive learning experience.

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