5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kids Learn by Themselves, Without Nagging

How great would it be if your kids pick up their homework and do it on their own, without you having to nudge them so often? Yes, that’s what every parent dreams about!

Let’s face it – kids simply dislike the idea of homework or studying by themselves. All they do when they get back from school is watch TV or play around with smartphones. Almost all parents face similar trouble with their kids.

Most parents are busy and find it hard to sit with their children during the study time. Group study sessions or home tuitions would again be like a one-to-many study room, where you can’t expect any personal learning support.

Private, online tuitions can be a solution, but again you must ensure that your child receives undivided personal attention from the tutor.

MySchoolPage, the best online tuitions service providers can help understand your child’s learning responsibilities by giving them personal tuition support and help them score well in their academics.

Here are some easy no-nag strategies, suggested by MySchoolPage, to make your kids do their homework and become more responsible students.


1. Identify their learning gaps

Kids might often tend to get poor grades in a particular subject while doing well in the others. This might be due to various personal, as well as external learning difficulties. Some might hate a particular subject, dislike their teacher which in turn makes them hate the subject as well, or even find it hard to understand some complex concepts in it.

Parents should identify these difficulties and get to know why their child is giving out a poor performance. Simply nagging or yelling at them will only affect their wellbeing and seldom has any good results. Encourage your kids to take up a MyQrate Online test, a self-assessment test for analysing your child’s learning gaps.

Once their learning difficulties and subject-knowledge levels are identified you can clearly help them learn efficiently. Getting personalized online math tuition, online chemistry tuitions, or online tuitions for any subject that haunts your child might be a good idea.


2. Set realistic, achievable goals

When you run a student requirement analysis you can easily get to know of your child’s’ skills and how it can help them achieve their learning goals. The best online tutors at MySchoolPage can help you easily run a requirement analysis and make a relevant study plan for your child.

The goals or lesson plans that are being made must be personalized based on your kid’s learning requirements and skills. If a biology lesson plan is being made, then the child’s current understanding of the subject must be analyzed and only then a proper, achievable study schedule must be devised. Online biology tutors at MySchoolPage can help you do the same.

Once the goals are set, the students can clearly work towards achieving them without any difficulty. They will realize the importance of their goals and start working towards the same with the help of online tutors. This will ultimately increase their learning interest and make them start studying on their own.


3. Reinforce their personal learning skills

Did you know, your child might have some secret skillset? They might be solving sudoku, Rubik’s cube, ace in online quizzes, have good problem-solving skills, and more that might often go unnoticed by us. But they might not do well in their academics because they wouldn’t obviously know how to streamline their personal skills for academic success.

That’s why you need some professional help from the academic experts at MySchoolPage, to help your child extend their skills for effective learning. MySchoolPage has a lot of additional programs, like Vedic-math based aptitude development, online bridge/fundamental courses, and more to help your kids harness their skills for academic success.

Once they learn how to use their individual skills for effective learning, studying their daily lessons will become effortless and they will start to learn on their own with more interest. This will, in turn, help them in academics, as well as personal skill development.


4. Help them understand their responsibilities

One big mistake parents do is fretting about their kids’ homework. Of course, you want your child to complete their homework on time, but that doesn’t mean you have to fuzz over it every time. Students must understand that homework is their responsibility and not their parents.

You can obviously help them with their homework, but don’t do it for them. Online tutors at MySchoolPage suggest that while solving their NCERT solutions or working on other curriculum/subjects, students will, of course, have some doubts. They must be encouraged to search the internet or talk to their private online tutor on their own.

By shifting the responsibility to their shoulders, students get an opportunity to see why learning is important and understand how poor marks might affect their academic career. When they understand that learning is their responsibility they start taking their academic lessons seriously.


5. Make them study smart, not hard

Time and again many students try to study hard to memorize the concepts, rather than understanding the purpose of the topic. This hard work will help them get good grades in an exam but when it comes to learning retention or understanding advanced concepts of the subject, the student might find it hard to comprehend.

That’s why MySchoolPage stresses on the idea of smart learning. Studying smartly means understanding the concepts, learning to solve math problems faster, and retaining the learned concepts for a longer time. This will help kids understand advanced concepts when they go to higher grades and build their interest towards any subject.

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